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Sugar-coating? NEVER! Pisces always say what they feel regardless of anything.

If you want a Pisces to take you seriously, just be yourself! No frauds or liars . Give a Pisces the WORLD and in return, they'll give you the UNIVERSE. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are the 3 water signs of the zodiac. Romance and comm unication is their trademark. Pisces never know what they want because the live in a dream world. Pisces are the old soul yet are very naive and childlike forgetting about all th e evil in the world. Pisces knows exactly what they want today. What they want tomorrow is another st ory. Pisces really believe the phrase "till death do us part"... What can I say? They 're hella loyal. Deep and mysterious, that s what a Pisces girl is. One has to understand the myste ry surrounding her. Pisces are always open to NEW things and don't like being close-minded. Pisces are imaginative and adaptable lovers that can be given to wild fantasies. Pisces tend to work with feelings but once hurt, their feelings are no longer in volved. As a Pisces, your thoughtfulness is your drive and inspiration in life. You can run a Pisces name through the dirt and they'll still walk out clean. If you're looking for someone who will go the extra mile to discover your secret moan zones, then a Pisces is for you! Pisces are intuitive, compassionate, artistic, gentle, wise, musical. Pisces incredible intuition helps them feel another's pain -- but there are bett er ways to bond in love than through misery. it's very rare a Pisces goes back. Moving forward is a must and if it's meant to be it will happen. Pisces really don't need much. Just being able to be free and to express what th eir life meaning is is more than enough. A Pisces will always make it. Some how, some way! They will not lose. it really takes alot to hurt a Pisces but once their hurt it's a wrap for you! S o don't take em' for granted. Pisces will never judge you for your past mistakes. Instead they will show you i t's okay to not be perfect. Pisces are never quick to jump into relationships because when they love, they L OVE hard!

Pisces are the BEST investigator period. They will find out whatever it is to fi nd out! Can't trick a Pisces. Pisces are charming and would be the best date you ever had. Piscessss has to let the dreamy depression run its course, no amount of Ben & Je rry's or Scotch will help. Pisces aren't logical because they believe in the impossible and despite the out come they can change direction of it if they really want to. Pisces are really deep individuals. Very analytical and always looking pass the obvious. When a Pisces is hurt, it's like the whole wide world is coming to an End. But i n due time they will always find balance and peace. Material things really don't flatter a Pisces because they'll rather be connecte d mentally and spiritually. Being loyal to a Pisces is priceless and is something they will always value. Pisces does not hold grudges. We forgive easily but we never forget. Pisces' motto is loyalty over all. Pisces have great sympathy and understanding making them standout friends. Pisces may not be looking at you but we see everything you do. Pisces use anger to focus. Redemption and Revenge our our silent pleasures. Other people can view us Pisces as ''careless'' but we just tend to push away wh at we don't like. Pisces are extremely complicated. You think you know but you have no idea. A Pisces will always make you feel like you have been with them forever, even if it's your first date. Pisces like to think outside the box and let their dreams become reality! There is an electric quality to Pisces that makes them almost magnetic in love. Pisces are real and surreal, so that love with a Pisces person becomes a creativ e state where almost anything is possible. Pisces is often associated with music, dance and other forms of art, as these ca n give a sense that there is something beyond life lived. Pisces are weird, crazy, cool, smart, talented and FULL of life... Oh yeah and l ike no other! Pisces do what they FEEL because what they FEEL is 9x out of 10 right! Pisces see all, but won't tell all. Pisces just wanna have fun. F*ck all the drama and non-factors! Pisces just has that boss swag about them.

If you're a Pisces, your ex is probably thinking about you right now. Pisces hav e that effect. Pisces can easily adapt and change according to any situation. Pisces are a little bit of everything. They are independent and mystical. Pisces have a confidence out of this world and it's almost impossible to kill th eir self-esteem. Pisces are destined for greatness and they will never take NO for an answer as l ong as they have air in their lungs to breath! Most Pisces have a "I don't give a F*ck attitude" especially if it doesn't invol ve them to begin with. Pisces don't sell dreams. They make "Dreams" come true. Pisces love to be original and true to themselves! F*ck trying to fit in. Pisces aren't complicated, they just like to know where they stand! Is that too much? Pisces don't hate or hold grudges, they let bygones be bygones. Pisces are hated by many, loved by few, but respected by all: End of story, you' re either with us or against us. Pisces Turn-ons: Motivation:They love a person with ambition and can literally m ake a dollar out of 15 cents 'cause they can do the same. Pisces Turn-ons: Music: it takes them to a place like no other. Pisces Turn-ons: A person who knows how to be themselves and never front around others. Have a whatever approach... that's the only way a Pisces can be at peace with th emselves. Pisces have a natural HIGH and enough energy to light a stadium with 100,000 peo ple in it. Under stress, Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpios can become moody, withdrawn, self-pit ying, unstable, and overwrought. Pisces can sit back and take it all in, but we can definitely run our mouths, es pecially if we are confident in the topic of discussion. Pisces are like mirrors reflecting what's around them: turning a bad situation i nto better outcome. Pisces are always on vampire mode, so late conversations are what they're good a t. Pisces love a good challenge, but playing mind games will get you no where and y ou'll be back at square one! Never try to confuse a Pisces because you're going to only confuse yourself in t he process.

Eye contact is important to a Pisces and it allows them to see more than you thi nk. "Loyalty over all" is a Pisces state of mind! Most people believe what they see, but Pisces believe what they feel and the ene rgy and vibes around them. Pisces don't ask for much. Just be consistent and they'll let nature play it's c ourse. No matter who's with them or against them, a Pisces will always stand for what t hey BELIEVE in! Pisces and Virgo: this combination of opposites is excellent. These two understa nd each other s needs and provide emotional support. Pisces and Pisces: They share the same values and tendencies: Understanding and respect for each other but two day dreamers might not. Pisces & Leo: there is an intrigue in this combination. Leo is dominant, Pisces is mystical. Still, their flame is likely to be over soon. Pisces and Aries: a rather complicated case. Their temperaments would stand in t he way. They could learn a lot from each other. Pisces and Cancer: a match likely to be beneficial. Pisces provides romance, whi le Cancer offers stability. Both have active imaginations. Even though it s said that Pisces experience greater depths of sadness than any ot her sign, you aren t as weak as you may look. Pisces and Libra: there is an attraction between these two, but it almost never lasts long. Libra can become too tired of emotional aspects. Pisces and Taurus: a great match. Taurus can be very supportive to Pisces and he lp to turn dreams into reality. Pisces and Scorpio: there is an attraction between these two. Their connection o perates through emotional levels. Pisces and Aquarius: this combination is likely to be unsuccessful. Pisces have complex personality, & it usually overwhelms Aquarius. Pisces is emotion-oriented, spiritual and gentle, while Capricorn is practical, attentive to details and precise. Pisces and Sagittarius are different in many ways, but once they become close to each other, their relationship is sure to blossom. Gemini and Pisces are quite compatible signs because both of them are known for dual personalities. Pisces can sometimes be afraid to show their feelings until they are completely sure that this love is mutual and real. When Pisces loves someone, that feeling takes them over completely. As a Pisces, Unfortunately, you have a tendency to be the cause of your own unha

ppiness. A Pisces,want to hear the words them often too. I love you often, and they want to be able to say

As a Pisces,You express affection easily, becoming emotional when confronted wit h nature, animals, art and, especially, music. Once Pisces find their ideal partners, they give all their love and loyalty. When Pisces want to be alone with their own thoughts let them take as much time as they need. They will come back stronger! When Pisces is hurt by friends, this feeling can last for a very long time. Pisces can keep secrets, so this is someone that won't judge you for your fears and insecurities. You can call a Pisces in the middle of the night with some kind of problem and h e/she will console you in the best way possible. Despite the fact that most Pisces like to live in their own little word of illus ions, they also make some of the BEST friends & companions. Pisces often confuse pity with caring, and have a way of defining themselves by the burdens they bear. The less stress is felt, the more outgoing and energetic Pisces appears. Despite their seemingly reserved nature, Pisces make friends quite easily. Pisces do not glorify material things or physical abilities, their main focus is always the things around them and their spirituality. Pisces can spend days fantasizing about people, situations and possible situatio ns, and leads to confusion when it turn out to be different If their lovers are able to bring out the best in Pisces, they are in for a trea t. Pisces is a very romantic Zodiac sign. It could be said that Pisces is a lover f rom Heaven and it would not be an overstatement. You will never get bored in a relationship with an Pisces. He/she is quite innov ative and will surprise you on a regular basis. Pisces are very considerate of the ones who are important to them. Pisces are very giving in their personal relationships, but expect oodles of loy alty in return. Pisces have a charm that never fades with age. Pisces They have a very magnetic personality that makes people notice them as so on as they walk in a room. Pisces prefer partners who have a deep understanding about life as they themselv es are deep and intellectual. Pisces can easily understand your feelings, sometimes even before you voice them

. Pisces are committed and loyal partners and lavish affection. The moment you come across a Pisces, the 1st thing that comes to your mind is hi s/her friendly nature. Social butterflies to say the least. Pisces are good at hiding emotions but once that certain button is pushed, it's like a ticking time bomb. Pisces always look at the brighter side of things because when it's all said and done their positivity is what sets them part from others. Pisces love a good challenge. Pisces, usually find Leo and Libra to be a bit too selfish for lasting ties. Never underestimate a Pisces. They might seem one way and in a matter of seconds , they can show you who's really boss! Pisces greatest obstacle is your fear of rejection you'd rather write down your fe elings than express them face to face. Pisces like their partner to have his/her own dreams and need space to think. Pi sces like attention, but being to clingy is a turn off too. Pisces are always eager to please their love and look for new ways to do so. Since Pisces are on a high intellectual level, their search for a compatible mat e can be difficult. Many just will not understand. Pisces have a hard time making up your mind about anything. You are a wonderful adapter. The worst thing you could ever do is lose trust from a Pisces cause at the point there is no going back. A Pisces will trade in a million friends for that one loyal friend. (Quality ove r Quantity) Pisces are different because they look at all before making a decision or assumi ng what's obvious! Pisces are sometimes shy and quiet but once entering a room it's all eyes on the m. Their presence is a present. Just like everybody else, Pisces do have a boiling point and when that is reache d it's best to give them alone time or expect the worst! Pisces definitely have a way with words. Not always saying the right thing but t he way they SAY it will have you wanting them to say again. Sometimes when a Pisces is silent, it really means they have 100 and 1 things on their mind. Pay attention to a Pisces mood, as they can be moody at times. If a Pisces likes you, he will try to talk to you about his feelings. Don t try to fool a Pisces. If you re hiding something from a Pisces, he/she will ev entually uncover your secret.

Pisces are very clever & have the ability to make others see things their way, e ven if their way is something that's only been imagined. Pisces' sensitivity and intuition allows them to see through people, so quite of ten they can see the truth even if you are not saying it. Pisces get along best with: Other Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capric orn, and Aquarius. Pisces prefer serious relationships, but quite often end up somewhere else. Pisces have big dreams and aren't afraid to share them. Many of Pisces individuals think from their hearts and not their heads. Pisces lovers knows instinctively how to please you. You ll feel he/she not only r eading your mind but looking into the depths of your soul. Pisces love nice things but NEVER will boast or brag, simply cause they know as quick as they got it can be gone even faster. Pisces are good at acting but even better at show you the REAL them... Which is free-spirited! Pisces + Loyalty = Loyalty as Deep as the ocean floors. Pisces are happiest in any job which is even vaguely connected with the arts. Pisces people have the ability to get out of any difficult circumstances because of their excellent analytical nature. Pisces is where it all makes no sense yet it all makes sense. Pisces can tolerate other people's behaviors. This makes very strong friends out of them. Pisces are a little bit of everything. Pisces are independent and mystical. Pisces can easily adapt and change according the situation. Once a parent, Pisces are some of the coolest parents because they allow their c hildren to be creative and explore. Pisces love to be surrounded by loyal family and friends. Pisces appreciate havi ng a solid foundation with their love ones. Pisces are good at turning nothing into something! Big dreamers with an ambition out of this WORLD! Pisces are really goofy, playful and love to joke around and talk crap. Why not? Life's too short not to. Pisces are real good at ignoring, so if you're not supporting them, just remembe r you are a Non-Factor in their lives A Pisces will go to the Moon and back if that's where their true love is. Pisces aren't scared of taking risks!

Pisces are mirrors and will reflect what you show them. Good or bad, you will se e yourself once a Pisces is done with you! At the end of the day a Pisces just wants to do what they love - be free! Pisces really can tell who means them well and who's around just for the hype! Pisces like to shop and spend but they will NEVER put a price on their hearts... in other words, you can not BUY their love! Pisces can't help it, When they love, they love hard! When a Pisces is hurt, they tend to retreat and look at the BIG picture until th ey figure out what's next! Pisces are some of the coolest people to be around and they will let you be your self. Pisces Pet Peeves: Liars. If you can't keep it real with yourself, How are you g oing to keep it real with me? Pisces Pet Peeve: People who interrupt. That's so annoying. (But we do it alot t hrough) It's a Pisces thing. Pisces Pet Peeve: Cheaters! Nope, you can't have your cake & eat it too - sorry, it's not happening. Pisces, get along moderately well with Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius. While a Pisces,may seem cool or aloof initially, once you know them they are war m and caring and make wonderful friends. Even at your worst, Pisces are never boring - there is usually playfulness below the surface, and you can be brilliant conversationalists. If ever there was a sign to dream the impossible dream, it's you, Pisces! Show t he other signs how it's done! Pisces are never egotistical in their personal relationships and give more than they ask from your friends. When thinking of Pisces, think of the sign of unconditional love. Pisces will lo ve & accept unconditionally until others prove them wrong. Pisces love attention and are the L I F E of any party! Pisces are said to contain each of the 12 signs within it. It is often said the Pisces has walked in the shoes of all the other 12 signs. Pisces greatest strength is your imagination and creativity. You are brilliant a t expressing yourselves in symbols, gestures and music! Pisces' biggest talents are masterminding their dreams. they can turn a dream in to reality without much effort! When a Pisces matches up with another Pisces, the intensity can be mind-blowing! The problem w/Pisces is that they live on another planet. Earth to Pisces!

When it comes to love, Pisces have just as much burning desire as the next sign but you are selective and that's because you love hard. Fact: Pisces do go with the flow but don't get it twisted cause if it's some bul l-shit, we'll bust a U-Turn real quick! Pisces aren't secretive. They just value their privacy & alone time! Pisces know all, but definitely won't tell all. Pisces + Music = a HIGH like no other... Literally! Pisces can be just about anything you can imagine. Pisces don't believe in "throwing in the towel", they believe in tying it to ano ther one and making it stronger! Pisces hate feeling abandoned by the one's they care about the most! Pisces tend to go all out for the person they're feeling for and ignore the one' s they're not feeling for. When you're with a Pisces, remember we need your fully undivided attention. Make eyes at someone else while in the presence of a Pisces is a big turnoff & d isrespectful. Pisces are deeply and strongly devoted to their partners and will put their part ners needs before their own. Pisces believe you can love different people for different reasons! But only one can have the key to their heart.