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Published by: Ajay Rai on Sep 17, 2011
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status in real time. For very long running back-prop training experiments I like to
be able to see this error graphed in real time to help decide when to stop a training
run. This allows me to experiment with the learning rate initial value and see how
fast it decays. The last thing that method train needs to do is to update the training
example counter so that the next example is used the next time that train is called:

if (current_example >= num_cases)
current_example = 0;
return error;


You can look at the implementation of the Swing GUI test class GUTest 2H to see
how I decrease the training rate during training. I also monitor the summed error
rate over all output neurons and occasionally randomize the weights if the network
is not converging to a solution to the current problem.

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