Hy-Wire car is without hydraulic and mechanical linkage end engine. Instead of these it contains a fuel cell stack and a drive by wire system. It is fully automated future car. In future it will have a wide application. The problem with fuel consumption and pollution can be minimize to certain level. Two basic elements largely dictate car design today: the internal combustion engine and mechanical and hydraulic linkages. If you have ever looked under the hood of a car, you know an internal combustion engine requires a lot of additional equipment to function correctly. No matter what else they do with a car, designers always have to make room for this equipment. The same goes for mechanical and hydraulic linkages. The basic idea of this system is that the driver maneuvers the various actuators in the car (the wheels , brakes, etc) more or less directly by manipulating driving controls connected to those actuators by shafts, gears and hydraulics. In a rack and pinion steering system. For example, turning the steering wheel rotates a shaft connected to a pinion gear which moves a rack gear connected to the car’s front wheels. In addition to restricting how the car is built, the linkage concept also dictates how we drive. The steering wheel, pedal and gear shift system where all designed around the linkage idea.


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