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Reserved® 2006Page 3 of 51 Acknowledge ment s It is my pleasure to present this project .

report. Asemail development such as communication development has a vital role for theeconomic stability and .messenger.c om". "www.

development of country. It has great stability among all the past publicnot only . modern life one shouldknow a bit more than past about email. In today's.

businessman & professionals. Nepal being a developing country it is notgetting able to develop communication only by the national or .

domesticcommuni cation.One who wants to know about email can be taken this work as a reference.He / she can gather necessary information from .

support &feedback of great value.I would like to my heart thanks humble gratitude .it.I obliged to my family members & my companions for their suggestions.

to the state of office of someorganization like Lord Buddha Education Foundation (LBEF) and College ofSoftware .

Engineering (CSE) for their valuable suggestion & guidance & I'm alsograteful for its co-operation & coordination in providing .

.necessary information.

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