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You can sort a report’s records by applying a sort order to one or more of
the report’s data sources, and edit a report’s sort order by changing the sort
settings for one or more of the report’s data sources.

Sort a report

1Double-click the data source whose records you want to sort.

2Click the Source tab, then click Add.

3Select the field by which you want to sort the data source’s records.

The list of available sorting fields reflects the sort object you select
from the Sort by Object list.

4To sort records in ascending order, choose Ascending. To sort records
in descending order, choose Descending.

5Click OK.

To sort by additional objects and fields, repeat steps 2 through 4.

Edit sort orders for reports Double-click the data source whose sort
order you want to edit; click the Source tab.

To add a new field to the sort order, click Add, then type the sort
criteria. Click OK, then change the field’s position in the sort order, if

To delete a field from the sort order, select a sort row, then click

To change a data type’s position in the sort order, select its sort row,
then click the appropriate arrow button.

To edit a sort row’s sort object or field, select the row, then click Edit.

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