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Healthy American Fitness Leaders

Healthy American Fitness Leaders

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Published by Kim Newlin
Healthy American Fitness Leaders form from the US Jaycees.
Healthy American Fitness Leaders form from the US Jaycees.

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Published by: Kim Newlin on Sep 17, 2011
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The United States Jaycees®

Allstate .


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Purpose: Date: Hotel: Banquet: Award Eligibility: Judging Guidelines: To recognize 10 individuals who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the area of physical fitness September 23, 1989 The Westin Hotel, Indianapolis, Indiana The Indiana Roof Ballroom Men and women (18 years of age and older), professional or volunteer; must be U.S. citizen Honorees are selected on the basis of their achievements or contributions in any three of the following areas: 1. Development of new methods in the area of physical fitness and health 2. Creation of a nationwide program fostering better physical fitness and health 3. Success in the influence of national attitudes toward better fitness and health 4. Contribution of voluntary service to their community, state or nation through physical fitness and health 5. Successin the field of fitness and health through scientific or technological contributions or in today's education system 6. Demonstration through active participation, leadership in an amateur or professional athletic sport 7. Overcoming a physical hardship or limitation Judging Process: Copies of all entries are sent to each of the five screening judges, who independently select and rank the top 20. The 20 entries with the highest point totals (according to ranking) become finalists. Those entries are sent to five finalist judges, who independently narrow the selection to 10. Include President Ronald Reagan, Jack LaLanne, Irv Cross, Jacki Sorensen, Coach John Wooden and Richard Simmons. The United States Jaycees, P.O. Box 7, Tulsa, OK 74121-0007,918/584-2481 Allstate Life Insurance Company with: The President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports

Past HAFL Honorees:

Administered Sponsored by: In Cooperation


WE That That That That That And BELIEVE: faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life; the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations; economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise; govermment should be of laws rather than of men; earth's great treasure lies in human personality; that service to humanity is the best work of life.

The U.S. Jaycees, with the supp0r! of Allstale Life Insurance and the President's Council ofPhysical Fimess and Sports, will select the ten Healrhv American Fimess Leaders~' for 1986. The selection of these individuals will be based on their contributions ro the fitness and health of themselves and society. Ir is the goal of this Awards Congress ro seck out and recognize those who arc: Heahhy because they participate in physically healthy activities, practice proper dietary habits and have a sound moral anitude. American, either natural or naturalized, activelv involved in the benerment of America's heal ih. Fir because they contribute to their own physical well being as well as that of American society. Leaders who exhibit positive direction roward the physical anitude and health of America through groups or informational means. The U.S. Jaycees fecls that America has produced and always will produce outstanding leaders. \,\Ie feel that leadership in physical fitness is deserving of high recognition. Therefore, Healrhy American Fitness Leaders' Awards Congress is held each September in Washingron, D.C.

Men and women, 18 years and older, professional or volunteer, are eligible to receive the Healthy American Fitness Leaders"'Award. The U.S. Jaycees is seeking individuals who exemplify the award they would receive. They must be healrhy, fit, leaders of pt.'Ople, and American citizens. Winners will be determined based on achievement, or contributions, in at least three categories.

1. 2. The nominees may be male or female, 18 years or older. The nominees must be citizens of the United States of America, native or naturalized, or must have applied for citizenship by January I, 1986. The nominees must excel in at least three (3) categories. The nominees must be of good moral and religious character. All information must be contained on the pages of this form. The nominees must sign the nomination form personally. With their signature, they will anest that all facts contained on the form arc true, give permission for publication of the facts and will commit, barring extreme circumstances, to anend the Healthv American Fitness Leaders·g· Awards Congress, September I I- I4, 1986. Nomination forms are ro be maIled to: Healrhv American Fitness Leaders,'"'P.O.Box 7, Tulsa, OK 74121-0007. Submit a good quality 8"x 10" black and white, head-and-shoulders phoro with nomination form. All entries must be postmarked no later than April I, 1986.

LEADERSCOOJ The development of a new method in the area of physical fitness and healrh. 2. Overcoming a physical hardship or limitation. 3. Crealion of a nationwide program fostering better physical fitness and health. 4. Success in the influence of national anirudes towards bener fitness and health. ;. Contribution of voluntary service to their community, state or nation through physical fitness and health. 6. Success in the field of fitness and health through scientific or technological contributions or in roday's education system. 7. Has demonstrated, through active panicipation, leadership in an amateur or professional athletic sport. Other contributions ro fitness and health will be considered at the discretion of the judges. Please: type using bhiCk rihbon
Date of Citizenship

3. 4. ;. 6.



8. 9.

Citizenship Birthdate Placc :\'ominec's Addre" Occupation or Profession City Full :\'ame Cit)"

_ _ _ Prescnt Age _ _ _ Zip Business Phone _ _ _ _


Zip Position or Title Statc

Home Phone

Bu~incss AJJrc .. -ss Business ,\Iari[al Status (spousc's Schools attended name) Honors, Etc.)

Children: (1S:ame, Age)

(Degrl'Cs, Academic

Ci\"jc, Fraternal,

Religious Organizations

and Affiliations

(e.g., American

Red Cross, Director,






Answer each of the following questions using as much or as liule space for each one as desired, within the alloned pages. Indicate by number where each answer begins.No attachments of any kind to nomination blank are allowed. Single spaced, typcwriuen answers arc preferred with a double space between paragraphs. Be as factual as possible.

I. 2.

Outline (describe) the career or present al:~ivity (scholastic, volunteer, etc.) of the nominee, including some background, and the scope of his or her work or activity. Describe the nominee's exceptional achievement or contribution to fitness and health in his or her chosen field or volunteer service to an organization, community, state or the nation using three of the above JUDGING CATE-



List awards and honors received.

DEADLINE: Postmarked

Describe the nominee's greatest contributions to society.
than April 1, 1986

not later

Nominee must sign blank on back page



'"r; '(ij (J "" c "" o 0 -" ::I bIJ or; 'C ::0 E:

~ c C

DEADLINE: Postmarked

not later than April 1, 1986


Nominee must sign blank on back page

DEADLINE: Postmarked

not later than April I, 1986


Nominee must sign blank on back page

DEADLINE: Postmarked no later than April I, 1989.


Mail Nomination Blank to: Healthy American Fitness Leaders®, P.O. Box 7, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74121-0007
FOR NOMINATOR:Summarize the nominee's most outstanding humanitarian efforts, howhe or she exemplified the line of theJayceeCreed that states -"That service to humanity is the best work of life."

FOR THE NOMINATOR:Summarize within this space the reason why you (the nominator) believe that your nominee should be selected one of the Healthy American Fitness Leaders" for 1989.

Nominator's Address

Name City State

Signature Zip Bus. Phone _


Occupation, Business or Jaycee Chapter Name:

FOR THE NOMINEE: I attest to all the facts contained on this fonn as true and give pennission for the facts to be used for publication. With agreement to accept a Healthy American Fitness Leaders Award, I understand that, barring extreme circumstances, the nominee is required to be present at the HAFL congress, no earlier than September 22, 1989, and no later than
12:00 noon on September 23,1989. In the event circumstances prevent attendance, I must present the conditions to continental limits Jaycees president for his decision on my continued eligibility for an award. The winner's expense (travel within the The United States ofthe U.S., lodging, meals, and fonnal wear) are paid in full for the awards congress trip. The ten honorees will be notified of their selection no later than July 31,1989. The selection of all honorees must be kept confidential by them until The United States Jaycees makes the fonnal announcement of the selections.


of Nominee


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