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The Second English Panel Meeting Date Time Venue Teachers present : 28th March 2011 : 2.45 p.m.

: Meeting room : Mdm S (Head of Language Division) Mdm N (Head of English Panel) Mr R Mdm L Mdm Nor Mdm Nur Miss R Miss S : 1. Confirmation of minutes of the last meeting 2. UP1 Analysis 3. The Implementation of PLBS/ULBS 4. The new format of the SPM English Paper 2011 5. The second monthly test setters 6. Articles for a school magazine 7. Academic week (April 2011) 8. Language Camp (1-2 April 2011) 9. Any other business


1. Confirmation of minutes of the last meeting Minutes of the last meeting was proposed by Mdm Nor and seconded by Mdm L Action : English Teachers 2. UP1 Analysis Head of panel reminded Mdm N ( form 3 coordinator ) and Mdm A ( form 5 coordinator ) to get UP1 analysis Action : form 3 and 5 coordinators 3.The Implementation of PLBS/ULBS Head of Panel reminded the teachers to carry out PLBS and ULBS according the schedule. Mdm R ( ULBS coordinator ) has sorted the files so the teachers can ask her to get them. It should be finished by July. Mdm N ( PLBS coordinator ) said lower form teachers can get the file themselves at the shelves near the pantry. PLBS file for form 1 is in progress. Action: English teachers 4. The new format of the SPM English Paper 2011 The change of SPM 1119/2 is represented by a diagram below Current Format New Format (starting 2011) Section D Section D Poem : 5 marks Poem : 5 marks Short Story : 5 marks Novel : 15 marks Novel : 15 marks Total : 20 marks Total : 20 marks The short stories would not be tested in SPM Action : Upper form teachers

5. The second monthly test setters The test will be carried out informally but the question paper is same. The test setters are Mdm F (form 1), Miss S (form 2), Mdm H (form 3), Mdm L (form 4) and Mdm A(form 5) Action : English teachers 6. Articles for a school magazine Articles may be taken from good classes. The articles are poems, short essays and journals. Action : English teachers 7. Academic week (April 2011) As there is no more English Week for this year, 1 day is awarded to English Panel in Academic Week to come out with English Activities. Suggested activities are Describe and Guess, Lucky Spell It Right and Scrabble. Action : English teachers 8. Language Camp (1-2 April 2011) The camp may start on Friday morning. Since Friday is a school day only Form Five teachers will be involved on that day. Teachers can ask Mr R and Mdm N if they have any problems regarding the camp. Action : English teachers 9. Any other business i)SPM analysis There is slight increase in English from 65.52% in 2009 to 65.84% in 2010. The level of English Proficiency is low among this year form 5 students so Mr Rs target is 66% for SPM 2011. He will prepare module for form 5 students with level 1 of difficulty compared to level 3 last year. He is willing to coach the teachers in any one day course. ii)NILAM Program Teachers are asked to spend one day per week for NILAM program iii)MBI According to Mdm S the teachers should run activities to improve students English proficiency. Suggested activities are announcing vocabularies during assembly and distributing them to each class. The vocabularies also may be pasted on English Board. Action : English teachers Meeting adjourned at 3.45 p.m. Prepared by, Approved by,

___________________ (Miss S)

_______________________ (Mdm N)