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37219326 the Art of Feng Shui

37219326 the Art of Feng Shui

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Published by: Protegex on Sep 18, 2011
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The house faces N.E. and sits S.W. The element is
Earth. The trigram is Kun. The number is "2." Color
is Black.

Your auspicious directions in order of
auspiciousness (most to least) are:

The Art of Feng Shui


(1) Sheng Qi - Life Force direction is N.E.

(2) Tian Yi - Heavenly Doctor direction is West.

(3) Yan Nian - Long Life direction is N.W..

(4) Fu Wei - Stability, peace direction is S.W.

Your inauspicious directions in order of
inauspiciousness (most to least) are:

(1) Jiu Ming - End of Fate direction is North.

(2) Liu Sha - Six Killings direction is South.

(3) Wu Gui - Five Ghosts direction is S.E.

(4) Hua Hai - Mishaps direction is East.

The Art of Feng Shui


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