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Coming Into the Millennial Light

Coming Into the Millennial Light


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Coming Into the Millennial Light
Entering The Photon Belt given 1993-1995
Every 26,000 years of earth time there is a cleansing that takes place and it is done in three cycles, or phases. Each phase has a significant energy that will change the vibrations in the solar plexus and in the consciousness of man.
Coming Into the Millennial Light
Entering The Photon Belt given 1993-1995
Every 26,000 years of earth time there is a cleansing that takes place and it is done in three cycles, or phases. Each phase has a significant energy that will change the vibrations in the solar plexus and in the consciousness of man.

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Published by: richx7 on Oct 14, 2008
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"Good evening to you. I am Dr See-ven.

"This evening, I will be talking about the coming events that will transpire, not only in
your consciousness, but also on the surface of your Earth. This will allow the
consciousness the expansion into its new form, not only of understanding, but also of
the new age bodies that you will be looking at.

"Consciousness and the expansion of consciousness that has come to your Earth has
been, on most occasions, misconstrued.
This is because of the human understanding to its intelligence and the way it has been
interpreted over the ages since we first started our mission with Plato and Socrates and
Aristotle and Decartes and Hyprocrates, There also is Pythagorus. Appolonius was the
first adept, during that time, who had altered his consciousness and had tried, in a form
of philosophy, to make it acceptable to mankind at that time. We call that the grass

"From the grass roots came the downfall of your Roman Empire which was established
on the basis of fear. Before the Roman Empire, the Persian Empire was established on
the basis of fear.

"The indoctrination, during the Roman era, of the coming of the Christ Consciousness,
came in a man called Josephus. It was quite a contrast to the shepherds that followed
the spaceship Pella Three to exactly where the Christ Consciousness had given into
physical birth. It happened that this was the first phase of the awakening of the
consciousness in physical form.


Since that time there had been many misinterpretations that had to come to light. What
happened was that the records were not kept for the birth of all of the children at that
particular time. So fear, as I had said to you, had awakened to its fullest. Therefore,
many small children were slaughtered at that time. But the Christ Consciousness was
protected in Josephus.

"As you know, on many occasions, it was written in your bible by many of your prophets
and many who were not journalists and many who had, what you would call, not the
kind of education that you have today in order to give you a clear picture of what was
happening at that time.

"The consciousness was exposed in three phases. It was exposed in the first phase,
called the resurrection of the consciousness. It was very important in those days
because there was a time period that was given to man, that the resurrection would
classify, or constitute, in three days. This was the second phase of, remember what I
am saying here, of the consciousness expansion.

"So the three days were very important because you are dealing with three distinct
energies of your diety today, also misinterpreted, the Father, the Son, and the Holy
Ghost. So the ascension, which is the second phase, took place in three days because
consciousness is expressed in three forms of reality.

"During the ascension, remaining in the small tomb that we had at the time of the
garden, some of these tombs were used as hospices. This is classified as the energy
for regeneration, or the feeling that was used in those days, in those areas, or those
kinds of tombs.

"The regeneration was taking place in the three days where consciousness was in
stillness, or not in motion. You have been learning that a vortex is in constant motion.
Also, you have to know that consciousness is going into regeneration, at this time, on
your Earth.

This is one time that it was not in motion, as in one other time when your Earth stood
still. That was due to the large comet which is making its way around again. This will be
equivalent to 26,000 years of your time. This comes into the point here on your Earth
where you will be having the new form of the Second Coming of the Christ
Consciousness and the expansion of consciousness change.

"During the time of the three days prior to the ascension, I said that the energy was
standing still. In order for the release of consciousness into motion and back into its
spiritual essence of purity, the three day period is something that some of your adepts
practice here on this Earth at this time. This is not to bury, or not to burn the body, until
three days, where the umbilical cord will sever, releasing from your solar plexus the
spirit of ascension.


"Today, it seems that this kind of scattered evidence has been cast here and there and
here and there through every church that has taken on a label to express some form of
biblical terminology.

"What has been happening in that three mysterious periods, or days, if you wish to call
them, to the energy of the spirit and the release of the umbilical cord to allow the spirit
into ascension? But this did not happen because those who were learning at that time
were practicing this new conscious expansion. Then what happened is that the physical
body went through very strong petrifaction, which is the fusion and fission, left no trace
of a human body in the evidence of the tomb.

"What was happening here, in this mysterious three days that took place, where not
even a trace of a human body could be found? Once again, the way man was thinking
in those days was very similar to the way they think in this day here now. Somebody
moved the body, you see. But the tomb was hevaily guarded by soldiers. Somebody
moved the body. But it went into fusion and it went into fission.

"When consciousness is expanded it gives birth to the spirit and allows it into
ascension. The question here is then, where does the spirit go during the time of this
ascension? The spirit will go to the source that has allowed the spirit the form of
reincarnation it had taken to come into birth at this particular time.

"The Christ Consciousness is in perfect state of awareness and also in perfect state of
beginning. This is something that you have to learn in the third phase of consciousness
expansion. This is the phase where the spirit is in a state of animation which stills its
total awareness of exactly where it was from the body when it ascended.

"Mankind has difficulty because of the scattered philosophies over the years to try to
interpret exactly what is happening now that the Second Coming of this consciousness
is about to take place on this Earth.

"Many adepts have come from different cultures with the message, which is practically
the same. Therefore, each adept who comes is viewing the expansion of
consciousness in a way that they could only express it in the kind of learning that they
have received in their conscious state.

"It is very difficult to try to understand energy in its trilogy, or in the form that was
expressed as Father, Son and Holy Ghost. We have here the consciousness of total
awareness, which is the Father. We have here the state of ascension and state of
becoming, what we classify as, the expansion of consciousness in, what they call, the
Holy Ghost.


"Therefore, the physical consciousness was the Son, who was bringing forth the states
of these different consciousness awareness that mankind can also ascend to. This is
why, even in His philosophy, Christ had taught that greater things shall you do than I.

"Today, mankind has been very much aware of this principle and they are struggling
through many avenues of Eastern philosophy, of biblical terminology, of the form and
the terminology they call metaphysics. So when you are studying beyond the physical,
how do you explain that to the physical, the physical senses?

But it is not so because metaphysical is studying beyond the physical and who gives a
damn about the physical senses? We must learn to hide ourselves. Hide the physical
and allow the ascension of the consciousness and the expansion of consciousness
into, what we call,. the millennial light.

"The millennial light is the understanding of pure living. It has been expressed by many
adepts on your planet that there is a golden age which is coming. The Christ
Consciousness went into ascension because it goes back to its original source, called
Sirius Three. In your constellation, it is the planet of pure thought.

"Today, the representation on this Earth, and I like the terminologies which you use and
you use the term Sananda. That is perfect peace in the rebirth of the expansion of
consciousness, into the enlightenment of understanding what the eternity of the spirit is
all about.

"The spirit is eternal. It is you that gives it motion, or commotion, in whatever way you
look at it in your physical form. The consciousness is only the awareness that's
expanding into its new understanding of what the true essence of spirit is all about. The
true essence of spirit is what you are in total purity of the finalization of consciousness
when it has totally expanded. When you come into millennial light, is the time that the
consciousness of man is in its purity of state.

"This Earth will go through many great changes. The first warnings are through, what
we call, weather changes. The second is called, through your Earth bowel movements
through volcanoes. The third stage is mankind combating the greatest diseases of all
time. From this will come a regeneration of the generation. You will find here on this
Earth, lest these days be shortened.

"In order for consciousness to expand into its highest awareness, we must regenerate
ourselves on an energy plane that will assist us in this kind of conscious change. So
the Earth therefore, has to be changed.

"The greatest change of it all is when you will be looking into the heavens and the
firmament and when you see all the lights. So John the Revelator, in your Book of
Revelations, has some good and very important points. But it seems that, at his


disposal, when he was writing, he had difficulty trying to place some form of terminology
and symbology. So it was difficult, even in the time of your prophets, to try to give
mankind some form of fulfillment. It is good to remember that your spirit is set free from
the expansion of consciousness awareness, which is true because the truth shall set
you free.

"If you look at all of your philosophies right from Appolonius down, the message was
the same. But, if you look at Nostradamus, he was looking through the crystal ball of
the changes taking place. These were mainly the Earth changes and the great men
who came in history to make those changes.

"Dr See-ven has to go now. I will say to you all, it has been a great pleasure to come
into your midst to try to break some bread for your spirit.

"God bless you."

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