British Lit. I “Macbeth” Test November 15th, 2007 /6/ /8/ /2/ /6/ /8/ 2. 3. 1.

List the 3 types of plays performed: List the 4 types of drama: Which type is “Macbeth”?


For what 3 reasons did London discourage the use of plays as a past-time? What is a long speech given on stage ALONE called? What is it called when the character speaks directly to the audience?



What acting troupe traditionally performed Shakespeare’s works? What was the name of the theater?

/2/ /2/ /6/ /10/

5. 6.

For a little over

years audiences have enjoyed Shakespearean plays.

What are “reoccurring elements” in plays called? List 3 examples of such in “Macbeth” Choose one and write a short essay describing specific examples of its use. (COMPLETE SENTENCES)



What 3 things do the witches first say to Macbeth? 1. 2. 3. What 3 things do the witches first say to Banquo? 1. 2. 3.



to leave his babes. 3. I should cut off the nobles for their lands. thy soul’s flight.” “Out. If it find heaven. must find it out tonight. for the poor wren. Her young ones in her nest. against the owl. write what each one translates to mean./9/ 9.” “Banquo. “Wisdom? Leave his wife. 1. What are the last 3 appearances from the witches’ pot? 1. damned spot! Out. Write the appropriate speaker behind each quote. I say!” “A little water clears us of this deed.” “When shall we three meet again?” . will fight. 2. Desire his jewels and this other’s house. The most diminutive of birds.” “Were I king. 2. /6/ /30/ 10. he loves us not He wants the natural touch. 3. Now.