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COVER: NEW Blusf'er To make the perfect

snowman, it takes, plentv of snow, a carrot, two lumps of ooal=and a litHe magic. of coursel Th is ~oUy~ h~pp'y soul Is sr;tlgg~ed In a striped :scarf ailld b Irytale top hal- SLIt ~lus'ep;" Is unlike anyother snowman you've seen.
You don't have to worry about this

frosty friend m elti ng away] IlSW-BWS 535

NEW Pooki


Polar Bta r
O~l'SiO' fh.ilffy, Pookt

Warm. wh i teo a FJ d

is the perfect

com panlon

on a blustery winter day. Just give him a squeeze and you'll warm up in no tirnel PLace a. Scent Pak • in this Buddy's zippered pocket an d bnng hirn

to !i fe with


S [,:'hlr:iY fr~granCt:,

(lr clud

~ On

Sr..[.'!J1t Pak) SV: PTe.


NEWlol~y AS festive,a. sight as olcl Sl- N'ick himselt.}t;)l~y's playful potbellied base is cinched in a "Wide b'lad belt and silver buckle



O1ristmas red and trimmed with a contrasting white dl sh, yr:IU won't be-able to restst this very merry midnff] DSW-JOlY 135

NEW Mffrr~Be-rry

Wha~would the holiday season ce without a wreath of holly berrtes adorning the front doo r or a garland draped across tile mantle? Merry
a de:~~htfu~ .S)ilmbol of the winter hmd.&ys', red hOlly berries and '~e stlve green I·Eaves.scattered across .GIl simple


B€n"'".!J etebrates c

cranberry lbase. DS\IV·MBRV $35

Celebrat.e the seasons wI'th PluQ,-ln SClentsy Warmers

f'S'iII. FTN

t4FW' Fflghl, M-gjrt ~'G] r S2C!

NEW Gin~~rbrGiKII P'S'I\i'- Gi II'll G ,$~:O

NEW 511~i'1i1: NtgM [6] ~5TNi S20


S:ri ow ilil.:.' [fi] ~W..stJAy S20

'!inQ'Wl1irlle-Red r'G ~ ~S~OR $20


Irs 'lime 'for r,a.klng ~ea..ves!ph;lki!"1~ alPtples. ,and brisk walts, outside:, for ga~herlngwith family and mends, and watching th e snow faU_It'S time for spicy clove s, bradng mint, rich butte r, G~Sp pine. 5cents,y's Fall &. 'Wiinrer fr,8!,~ranc:esawaken memories ofseasons pa.:5t-aln d ,enhiiJjllll;;;e your horne as yOu create new ones.
NEW Black RLI b-y


Chrlstn'la5. Cottage

Ci n namon Van lila


ve. g Cinnamon

Cozy fi~-e.s.ide



NE\'\I Purnp~in ~A~I'.shn-I"-~llo\'·,"'· -

Sentlrnental Cide


Sil v er BeUs.


NEW Whi teou L

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