How to Express Strategy To In Japanese To express your intetion or strategy in Japanese, you will need to find out two

special Japanese words. The very first Japanese word is yotei which literally indicates strategy. To make use of yotei, you will need to put this Japanese word correct after a Japanese verb in dictionary type or damaging type. Let's start with the dictionary form. Kyou wa gakkou he iku yotei desu I strategy to go to school these days. Konya wa tomodachi no ie he tomaru yotei desu. I strategy to stay at my friend's house today. When you can see, by putting yotei right after the Japanese verb in basic form, you have currently change the meaning to planning to. Now's let us look at some negative type examples. Kare to awanai yotei desu. I plan not to meet him. Kane wo harawanai yotei desu. I strategy to not spend. Just conjugate the basic Japanese verb into negative type initial then location a yotei after it, simply right? Now let's have a look at the 2nd word tsumori which means intetion. Using tsumori is just exactly the same as using yotei, you just need to location ir right after the Japanese verb in basic or negative form. Omae to iku tsumori da. I have the intention of heading with you. Kare to tomachi ni naru tsumori desu. I've the intention of turning into friends with him. Ashita wa, gakkou he ikanai tsumori desu. I do not possess the intention of likely to school tomorrow. Kono hon wo yomanai tsumori desu ka? You do not possess the intention to read this guide? See how simple it's to expression strategy to in Japanese. Just be sure that you're utilizing either the strategy form or negative type of the Japanese verb prior to utilizing the yote or tsumori.

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