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A weapon of some sort was used in most of the robberies (92.7 per cent). Generally only
one weapon was used (85 of the 102 robberies in which a weapon was present).
However, two weapons were used in 12 robberies and three weapons were present in five

Rifles were the most common type of weapon. Thirty robberies involved the use of one
or more rifles. Shotguns were next most common. Then followed knives, imitation guns,
revolvers, automatic pistols, and air rifles. Other weapons used included implements
such as shovels, iron bars, hammers, scissors and broomsticks.

The weapons used in 40 of the robberies were modified prior to the robbery. The
weapons modified were, in all cases, either shotguns or rifles. Most of the modifications
involved the barrel of a firearm being sawn off. The reason given for this modification
was nearly always that it made the weapon easier to conceal. However one person said
that it made the weapon look more threatening. The only other modification mentioned
in the interviews was a pistol grip on a shotgun, and the reason given was that it made it
easier to handle.

In the eight robberies where no weapon was used, the offender either pretended to have a
gun, punched the victim, or simply wrote a note demanding money and handed it to a
bank teller. Other information about the involvement of weapons in the robberies will be
discussed in the next chapter.


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