You Are So Good To Me

Verse 1: G C You are so good to me, You heal my broken heart, G C You are my Father in heaven. (repeat) Chorus: G C You are beautiful my sweet, sweet song (X3) I will sing again. Verse 2: G C You ride upon the clouds, You lead me to the truth, G C You are the Spirit inside me. (repeat) (Chorus) Bridge: D C G/B D C G/B You are my strong melody, You are my dancing rhythm D C G/B Em A7sus You are my perfect rhyme, and I want to sing forever (Chorus) Verse 3: G C You poured out all Your blood, You died upon the cross, G C You are my Jesus who loves me (repeat) (Chorus)
By Don Chaffer, Ben Pasley, and Robin Pasley Copyright 1999 Blue Renaissance Music CCLI# 314434

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