FOSS and Education

A short talk by prof Yusuf Morales Senior Fellow Iinstitute for Comparative and Advanced Studies ICAS Phils

Education is...
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Learning skills and values (see the movie Upin dan Ipin)

The Philosphy of Education
is learning by sharing and distributing knowledge, this also goes with it the Philosophy of developing or generating knowledge from the base understanding that one acquires and being free in engaging that knowledge to its highest potentials (example learning the art of drawing or sketching and developing masterpieces of sketching and pursuing further ones skills in sketching towards advanced forms and developing new techniques in perfecting ones craft.)

Learning is not simply skills ..... but also passing on of values and the ability to generate more knowledge in improving oneself and others. And so we teach not only the skill but the values necessary in using that skill productively.

This is also the Philosophy of FOSS, the freedom to share and develop software without the,imitations imposed by not sharing the base material to further generate or improve the knowledge (in this case software).

Schools specifically state operated run under the limitations of fund scarcity and that creativity sometimes become hampered with the high cost of equipment which adds up with COTS software.

Point being...
Schools that use FOSS, actually are not only able to save more money , but they are able to improve on the software, but also benefit from the improvements made by others on the software

The main contention of FOSS and Education
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Although pricing is an essential component But the main reason is the right to improve the software (which is locked by COTS) This empowerment by FOSS by allowing acess to the source code, allows schools to develop new ideas and new concepts in developing software not by a strict system but trough a bazaar system wherein you collect and select and learn through the process

Lets look at animation for instance

Expensive software attempt to control the market Good films are made on FOSS which is readilly available

So it drives us to a point

Where both the creativity of students are engaged The financial capacty of schools is enhanced More learning and curricular development is developed on a more localized setting and students learn the process of experimentation to develop their skills and the products they produce.

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