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Routledge Contemporary Introductions {0 Philosophy Series Eator: Poul K Moser Loyola Univers of Chicago ‘Thi innovative, wellstructured Stir i for students whe have aredy doe an Intoduccory course in philosophy. Exch book introduces a core gene scone In contemporary phictophy and oflersseudents an acces but subs {Earston from invodictory to higherlevel college work In hit subject The series is acesible to non-specases and each book early motile and ‘expounds the problems and postions irodced. An erienating per rishy Introduces is topic and reminds readers of any crcl mnteral ey need tare retained from 2 gpl introductory course. Comiderble tenth se co expan the ceneral philosophical problems oft abject andthe a ompetng solutions and arguments for those solvons.The primary a ‘ives todas in the mun problems positions and arguments of coneanps. "ry Psosophy eather than to convince sents of sage postion, cE Second Eden Revere Aus Ethie Harry Genter ‘Metophysce Second Bison Michael) Looe Pateopy ote Nose htop of Lonsee Wt pe Philosopy of Mine John Het Plenhy of Region renee se Philosophy of Science Alec Rosentera Sell on Pott ‘en Chicano Epistemology A contemporary introduction to the theory of knowledge Second edition Robert Audi RR foutedae, Frc ein 198 by Roaedae Itc TT New eter Lane, London ECAP AEE ‘Snuétaneousty pushed inthe USA and Canad las9 by Rouige Wt 8th Sees NewYork. NY 10001 Fi ‘Sond eon 2003 : osteo net Tr & Foch Grup 2003 Robert Aud ‘pest in Garamond by Teor & Franc Books Ld Fine a bourén Gres rin by MPG Book i, Bodin ‘righ reserve. No pr of book mayb apeited ot " estan. or oter mera now wo rear “weid.ccngpheracopng an racorig ot ony “rmatn srg of reer ters wine Derma n wring om tha pisos es very Catalan i Pestn Dats ‘Acttopnecordfor tn book ble fom be Beth ‘Sef cnr caste Retna ISBN 0-415 29108- px) o-415-28109-1 fa) To Malou Contents Preface to the fst edion Preface to the second edtion Introduction:a sketch ofthe sourees and nature of belie justieation, and knowiedge Poceion eed person Jsicon os rcs to Ope Kreg ad pteen Memorgnaespcan ord eescousess Reson ond aa econ Tsim Bose sources of ble fon nd knoe Thre kinds of prufBle Fata ond septs Orem et One Sources of justification, knowledge, and truth | Perception The elements and basic kinds of perception Seeing and belewng Some cnmansense views of ercepoon ‘The theory of appearing Sensedatum theores of perception ‘Aerta theres of perception ‘advert ond sense-daum teas of sensory experience Phenomena Perception and he senses 2 Memory ‘Memory and the post The cosa basis of memory beefs Theanes of memery Remembering reoling ond inopo Remembering api, and recognition