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Demiurg Extractors

Demiurg Extractors

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Published by: Shawn Anthony on Sep 19, 2011
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A Demiurg Extractor is the title of one of three distinct branches which a member of a Demiurg Brotherhood can decide to study

under following their ascension to their firstform Strata. Led by their great Kin-Counsels, the Extractors seek diplomatic measures in spreading prosperity and harmony among the Brotherhoods. Refraining from violence except as a measure of last resort, Extractors spend a great deal of time studying the mysteries of the galaxy. Extractors are healers, researchers, and seers to the Demiurg. They formulate and expand the sum total of the Demiurg knowledge base in a never ending quest for answers. Uniquely amongst the Demiurg, Extractors focus on and develop their innate psychic powers, serving as both Navigators and Astropaths to their Brotherhoods. Unlike the highly xenophobic Imperium of Man, the Demiurg revere their kin as farsighted and wise. The powers of the Demiurg are not wild and destructive as mankinds, nor are they as refined and powerful as the Eldar. Instead, they are incredibly focused and passive, bolstering the strengths of the Demiurg and tempered with their indomitable patience. Extractors can be found in every facet of Demiurg culture, from the routine mining details to the machinations of the great Kin-Counsels. Indeed, it is the ambition of every young Extractor to discover a way to improve and maximize efficiency in any aspect of life which has earned them the titles of Lifeshapers and Forge Fathers.


WS 3

BS 6

S 4

T 5

W 2

I 2

A 1

LD 9

SV 3+

and detect minerals and dangers in even the deepest mines. The unit gains the Acute Senses special rule.

Special Rules
Stubborn, Unhurried, Mechanical Mastery, Meld into Stone, Acuity, Battle Meditation, Psyker Meld into Stone
Extractors commonly assigned to mining teams utilize their nascent psychic powers abilities to detect and manipulate stone to ease operations. When in danger, they can change the flesh of themselves and their brethren to take on stonelike properties. When a unit of a Demiurg including an Extractor Goes to Ground, they gain +2 to their Cover Save.

Battle Meditation
While Extractors are loath to react in violence, they will not hesitate to protect themselves and their kin. In desperate circumstances, these envisioned pathfinders will rouse their brethren to think quicker, move faster, and react in the present. After a successful Psychic test, the unit becomes Relentless instead of Slow and Purposeful.

Focus Hammer
Each Extractor is gifted with a symbolic Focus Hammer to symbolize their dedicated to forging the future of their race. While ostentatiously a symbolic tool, each is designed with a neural interface that allows the wielder to direct the temperament and intensity of its plasma blades with but a thought. When pressed with no other resorts, it can be a formidable weapon. A Focus Hammer is a Force Weapon.

The Extractors perceptiveness is another useful tool to mining teams. With their subtle aid, the Demiurg can sense

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