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PTCL Thesis 2

PTCL Thesis 2

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Published by Ahmed Israr Khan

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Published by: Ahmed Israr Khan on Sep 19, 2011
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The main contribution of this thesis is that it highlights the importance of culture for

marketing. In today’s world multinational companies are expanding their businesses

across the borders. Authors have presented their findings and analysis in a way that

these companies can get useful information about the cultural values of Pakistan and

about the specific traditional and social values of the area. Authors have mapped

Hofsted’s five dimensional cultural model to present their findings and to emphasize

the importance of culture in marketing. The companies which want to do their

business in other countries, they can also get an idea of how culture can impact their

businesses and in what parameters they should tackle all these issues.

Author have focused on telecom services and presented their findings and views that

how this sector has boomed in Pakistan and how companies can enhance their

businesses in the area by giving attention to the local culture and societies.


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