1. Introduction: Otobi began its long run journey in 1975 when painter & sculptor Nitune Kundu set up a small workshop with an even smaller budget. The only thing he was rich in was his passion, creativity & his gut feelings. Over the years Otobi transformed in to a solid brand, known for its superior quality furniture & choice of designs, with operations across many cities. Today Otobi, backed by world class business processes, is a name that celebrates the creative genius of its founder, a brand that is going beyond boundaries of imagination & a workplace that inspires the finest designs. Day by day Otobi is becoming a legacy in the history of Bangladeshi furniture market and they are expanding their market over the boundary of Bangladesh They are doing business now a days globally the fact is there promise of world class furniture is being kept in the market. Their full of innovative and modern product line is enriching our home, office and so many places. Though competitors are emerging in the market but the name “Otobi: World class furniture” is still being kept and that is why Otobi is holding the highest market share in the furniture industry.


Cooley discussed how individuals took on various mental or psychological interpretations of themselves based on how individuals thought others perceived them. friends. 3. Cooley offered discussions relating closely to the concepts of reference group theory. whether or not they actually do.  Specific objective The specific objectives of this research paper are:    To know about the attitude of the customers. How they are influencing them.2. We have already found it on our research that most of the people buy something on influence of the reference group & they also share with us that most the time their decision about what to buy totally change when family members. We always want to buy those things which will be appreciated by our family members. or category of people to which individuals believe they belong. Objective of the study:  Broad objective To make ourselves familiarize with customers attitudes and their reference group and how they are influencing while buying products from Otobi furniture’s. colleagues & others to see our selves special & gorgeous in their eyes. Their relationship to their reference group may influence their buying behaviour. class. In 1902. If we think about Cooley’s opinion we can find the similarities in our daily buying behaviour. Who are their reference group in terms of Otobi. colleagues or friend suggest them to 2 . in Human Nature and the Social Order. Literature review regarding reference group: Reference group means a Group.

some of them said friends & colleagues were behind on their buying decision. 6. Data analysis: After collecting required data those data it was tabulated and it was analyzed by different statistical tools such as average.  Primary sources: Primary data and information was collected through observing the respondents behaviour. Data collection: For conducting this research we went through some data collection methods. percentage and ratio analysis. and by oral investigation. It was fruitful for us while interpreting this data. 3 . Methodology: Basically our research design was based on qualitative research. journal. We have also made a questionnaire for our respondents to know who their reference group are and how they influence them. Majority of information was collected in a structured questionnaire and interview of the respondents. 4.buy some another thing which they have used already & said some positive words about that products. 5. The secondary data was scrutinized after compiling from the sources. For collecting primary and secondary sources we went through the following procedure:  Secondary sources: Secondary data was collected from different published sources like newspaper. In case of Otobi furniture most of the sample said they were influenced firstly by their family members in case of buying furniture. We have taken in depth interview and focus group discussion with our respondents. and internet.

Do you use the furniture of Otobi? Fig 1: Users of Otobi furniture Explanation: 4 .  Research results that we found through our survey from the respondents: Users of Otobi furniture b) No Yes No 84 16 Answer:  a) Yes 1.This analysis was made with careful observation and while doing this statistical analysis we used manual and automated tools for our work. Now let’s turn our attention towards the analysis part of our research.

Are you satisfied with the furniture of Otobi? a) Very satisfied b) Somewhat satisfied c) Neither satisfied or dissatisfied d) Somewhat dissatisfied e) Very dissatisfied Very satisfied Somewhat satisfied Neither satisfied or dissatisfied Somewhat dissatisfied Very dissatisfied 36 36 24 4 0 Answer: 5 .From our survey we can see that the user of Otobi furniture is 84% where the opposite one the percentage of non user is 16%.  Satisfaction regarding Otobi 2.

neither satisfied or dissatisfied is 24% and somewhat dissatisfied is 4%.Fig 2: Satisfaction regarding Otobi Explanation: From our conducted survey we can see that the satisfaction rate of the respondents regarding Otobi is 36% very satisfied. 36% people somewhat dissatisfied.  Preferences of the reference group 3. In case of buying Otobi furniture what kind of reference group do prefer? a) Opinion of the family b) Opinion of your peer group c) Opinion of your work mate/working group d) Opinion of the virtual community e) Opinion of any brand community Answer: Opinion of the family Opinion of your peer group 36 36 Opinion of your work 24 mate/working group Opinion of the virtual 4 community Opinion of any brand community0 6 .

24% from their colleague and 4% from the virtual community.Fig 3: Preferences of the reference group Explanation: How many respondents will prefer the opinion of the reference group? Here we can see that 36% will go with the family. 36% take the opinion of their peer group.  Features of Otobi 4. What features do you like most about Otobi furniture’s? a) Attractive and innovative design Environment friendly b) Reasonable price c) Answer: Attractive and innovative design Reasonable price Environment friendly 52 36 12 7 .

Which category of product do you use of Otobi furniture’s? a) Home Furniture furniture Answer: Home Furniture Home appliances Home decor Office furniture 72 16 0 12 b) Home appliances c) Home decor d) Office 8 .Fig 4: Features of Otobi Explanation: What features are likeable to the customer of Otobi? 52% likes their attractive and innovative design. 36% prefer their reasonable price and 12% voted for Otobi is environment friendly and that is why they like it.  Usage of different category of products 5.

16% uses the home appliances and 12% use the office furniture of Otobi.  Importance of Otobi’s innovativeness 6. Do you think it’s important? a) Extremely important important or all important Answer: Extremely important Somewhat important Neither important or unimportant Somewhat important Not at important all 0% 0% 60% 28% 12% b) Somewhat important c) Neither e) Not at unimportant d) Somewhat important 9 .Fig 5: Usage of different category of products Explanation: From our survey we can see that 72% respondents of ours uses the home furniture of Otobi. Otobi always develop their product line with innovative and eco friendly features.

Fig 6: Importance of Otobi’s innovativeness Explanation: From our survey we can observe that respondents of 60% think that Otobi’s product innovation is extremely important. How likely are you going to continue using the products of Otobi furniture’s? a) Definitely will continue b) Probably will continue c) Might or might not continue not continue Answer: Definitely will continue Probably will continue Might or might not continue Probably will not 40 36 20 4 0 d) Probably will not continue e) Definitely will continue Definitely will not continue 10 .  Continue the usage of Otobi products 7. 28% says it’s somewhat important and 12% thinks that it is neither important nor unimportant.

Will you refer some one to buy Otobi products? a) Definitely b) Probably c) Might or might not be d) Probably will or not e) Definitely will or not Answer: Definitely Probably Might or might be not Probably will or not Definitely will or not 40 36 20 4 0 11 .Fig 7: Continue the usage of Otobi products Explanation: From our conducted survey we can see that the 40% customer will continue using the products of Otobi. 36% will probably continue it.  Reference to others to buy Otobi products 8. 20% might or might not continue the products of Otobi and 4% customers will not continue the products of Otobi.

24% will probably suggest. Please rank the following furniture’s company by placing ‘’1’’ the one you like most. a) Otobi furniture’s b) Akhter furniture’s c) Hatil furniture’s d) Navana furniture’s e) National furniture’s Answer: Otobi furniture’s Akhter furniture’s Hatil furniture’s Navana furniture’s National furniture’s 52 28 12 8 0 12 .  Ranking of Otobi 9. 12% will probabably suggest and 8% will not suggest others to buy Otobi products.Fig 8: Reference to others to buy Otobi products Explanation: From the survey we can see that 36% consumers will be a reference group and refer others to buy Otobi products. ‘’2’’ next to your second preference and continue. 20% will might or might not be suggest someone.

8. 12% people think that Hatil is 3rd and 8% people thinks that Navana is 4th. Findings: From our conducted survey we have found some of the findings. 7. b) Family opinions of buying Otobi products are more than other reference group. 28% customer thinks that Akhtar is 2nd. d) After the interview and survey we have found out that customers of Otobi products expectation is high about Otobi. Those are: a) Many customers of Otobi are still not satisfied with the products of Otobi furniture. c) Otobi has a good mindset among the customer though there are other competitors in the market.Fig 9: Ranking of Otobi Explanation: From our survey we can see that Otobi is the number one furniture of Bangladesh 52% people thinks that. Recommendation: 13 .

 More innovative and environment products and advertisement should be promoted. competitors 9. References: The references we used to make our research are given below: Interviewee Questionnaire Field survey 10. On the basis of our research we have some recommendation regarding Otobi. Bibliography: 14 .  The longevity of Otobi products should be improved. That is:  The product line of Otobi should be more structured and it should improve their design more.  It should maintain because their new market position are carefully emerging and in effectively Bangladesh.It is great time we had working with such a practical customer reference group related topic.

15 .

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