Trinity Angel Part III Scarlet Angel From the heavens to the stars, Past Jupiter and past

Mars. Into the Milky Way she flashes, And into Earth’s crust she crashes. A Scarlet Angel fallen from God’s good grace, Falling from Heaven without a single trace. Upon red velvet and sin, she brings greed and she brings gin, She wants the all the world has to offer, but never ever to give. The Scarlet Angel’s glow, rises from the misty hidden abyss, Stretching her red velvet wings, covered by fog, is a look of pure bliss. She was caught in the act, but she never admitted it, She was condemned to Hell for all the treason she committed. But as luck where to have it she fell off of course, She bounced off of Venus being a woman’s strongest force. So she dusts off her body and expands her scarlet wings, And she plans to corrupt, all the men into fiends. She expects to steal it all and seduce who she wants, She’ll consume all the resources, just to prove that she’s of a god. She holds a claim to power and remorse is not in her vocabulary, She was meant to go to Hell but she’ll do just fine in this purgatory. But as evil as she is, she was not always so, She was once a human being, with a beating heart, body and soul. Anthony K. Rosales

Trinity Angel Part III But as it were, as in life after death, Some can’t handle the power she’s been granted and expected to respect. So a humble girl now attempts to turns the world upside down, Shaking the foundation to prove that this Scarlet Angel is a god now. But stuck by the power invested in thee, An iron fist is laid down by the Lord as it seems. Overpowered and outclassed the Scarlet Angel knows she won’t last, So she pleads with the Lord to grant but one last chance. So this Scarlet Angel, from this misty hidden abyss, Attempts to reconcile with God and all the lessons that’s she’s missed. But all God states is: “Forever Trust”, “Those words are all that makes us up.” God may be just, but not without thy limits, So strikes the angel down, And an example now, is all she is. From her red velvet robes, Rolls out a blue glowing orb, From the ash it is returned, Into thy holy hand it is absorb.

Anthony K. Rosales

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