Chain Link Fence

Chain-link Fence

And I sat and stared My fingers intertwined within the links of metal separating...something so silent and so clear A boundary so transparent it hurt so easy to traverse it seemed impossible that would be too simple And as I stared up and down this divide stretching eons into infinity and disappearing into the distance I saw others climb and burrow and leap and vault to the other side Some stared back at where they once stood Some looks mournful, others angry, others yet ecstatic reflecting upon the places they had been and the method they used to conquer the barrier in their path A few were entirely unscathed others found their hands dripping blood, their eyes blinded by sweat as they sank into the mire on the other side Unaware of their constantly diminishing stature and their inability to free their feet to keep moving And despite this entire scene My only concern seemed to be “What happens if I get stuck on the fence?”

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