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Year 3 – Unit

Grade : 3

2 –Lesso n 3

Da tes: 19/23

Object ives :

1. Students can begin to understand the unit vocabulary 2. To have the students understand the terms related to physical fitness (You should you shouldn’t)

Ma teri als : Overhead, Powerpoint

Acti vity 1: Sayin g Of The Week – Bent Out Of Sh ape (5 Minutes) Bent Out Of Shape – To be upset or angry

Acti vity 2: Tri vi a Questi ons (5 Minutes)  The teacher will give the students some questions

Acti vity 3: Wordweb – Hea lth ines s (15 minute s)  The teacher will put together a wordweb with the students Based on health. Students can talk about health using the terms ‘you should’, and ‘you shouldn’t’  Students will look at a series of pictures (Powerpoint), and will discuss what you should and shouldn’t do. ‘You shouldn’t overeat’ ‘You shouldn’t smoke cigarettes’

Acti vity4 : D ia lo gue and vo cabu lar y (15 minute s)  The teacher and the students will read the dialogue, and go over The unit vocabulary.  The teacher and students will practice making sentences, using some Of the unit vocabulary.

Acti vity5 : Let ’s ta lk (5 minutes)  The teacher and students will go over the term ‘should’, and ‘shouldn’t’

The teacher and the students will talk about good habits, and bad habits.

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