Jones’ Journal

Volume 2, Issue 3 September 16, 2011 LATEST & GREATEST!

What’s New? September Character Trait is RESPONSIBILITY! It’s whatcha’ got to do! Weekly Quizzes September: Responsibility
Monday-Editing Quiz Friday ~ Math Check Up & Spelling Test, Reading Skill Check

Please return ALL fundrasing information on Tuesday, September 20 IN THE WHITE ENVELOPE PROVIDED. Awards and such will be announced the following week. GRANDPARENTS’ Day PLEASE SEND IN PICTURES OF GRANDPARENTS ASAP! We will need these for a project for September 26, the sooner, the better please. Parents & Pictures Needed: 1. Ms. Brock is looking for pictures of Veterans to honor for our Veteran’s Day Program. Send in an envelope with name of student, name of veteran and teacher’s name. 2. Parent Volunteers are needed for our First Quarter Big Event which will be held on October SUPPLY SUGGESTION If you have a pack of highlighters you would like to donate or simply send with your child to school, they will be most graciously used and cherished! 

Future Plans!
Magnet School Design Team 6pm@ Community Center 9/19 Pac Mtg@ 2:30 9/22 Title 1 Parent Mtg @6-7 Grandparents Day: Boot Camp @9am 9/26 9/27

Website of the Week Space Arrays Making Arrays to practice multiplication.

Soaring Success…
We are working towards 20marbles. We are 1 marble away from reaching our goal! Way to go class! SOAR bucks- 5 for 1st Quarter 13 students reached 5!!!

What’s Coming Up?
Reading: Thick Questions, Main Idean with Supporting Detail in Non-fiction Writing: Persuasive letters, Friendly letters to Grandparents Working With Words: too, favorite, into, governor, submarine, nighttime, doorbell, classroom, downstairs, classmate Prefix: subSuffix: -or Patterns: compound words 

Math: Multiplication with Arrays (Other Multiplication Practice sites Primary Resources Page) Social Studies: Native Americans, European Explorers, MO Geography

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