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REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES Senate Edgardo J. Angara SENATOR 10 May 2007 DR. PAMELA C. CONSTANTINO University Registrar The New OUR Building TM Kalaw St. University of the Philippines, Diliman Quezon City Dear Dr. Constantino, May I endorse the application of Mr. LAWRENCE F. FERNANDEZ, an incoming sophomore. He is a balik-bayan from the University of Southern California, and wants to take up Political Science at the UP College of Social Science and Philosophy. He missed the April 30 deadline for application, owing to the fact that he had to look after his mother in the US who just had a hysterectomy. I would appreciate it if he would be allowed to apply for the said course, subject to existing requirements and guidelines on admission. Thank you and with best regards. Very truly yours, Ef [1 RM. $04 GSIS BUILDING FINANCIAL CENTER, ROXAS BOULEVARD, PASAY CITY TEL. NOS. (632) 552-6601 LOC. $571 & $593 + FAX NO. 552-6601 LOC. 5572