Book Review for The Bone House The second in the five-book Bright Empires Series, The

Bone House lives up to Stephen Lawhead’s reputation as one of the finest science fiction/fantasy writers today. An ambitious work, it is filled with vivid descriptions of foreign lands, gripping action and a plot that moves through multiple worlds. Lawhead sculpts a believable universe and peoples it with memorable characters that come to life as you read. Following Kit Livingstone, the story tracks his progress in trying to locate the skin map, a map that supposedly shows the connections between multiple dimensions and worlds. But his steps are dogged by the ruthless Archelaeus Burleigh, who will stop at nothing to get his hands on the map. Written with characteristic sweeping panoramas, The Bone House is never static. A wonderful sense of movement and change pervades it from the very first page. The characterizations are never dull, and Lawhead has a way with description that, once read, provokes an accompanying flash of recognition and personal recollection that realizes “yes, that’s it!” Become like Coleridge and willingly suspend your disbelief as you turn the pages of this book to enter into an interdimensional race! Put your feet up, lean back in your favorite chair and let this author’s words take you on a journey that won’t disappoint.

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