Thunder rumbled over Tower Bridge. Storm clouds moved in and it began to rain.

Not a gentle ladylike weeping but a great howl of tears from the sky, crying with no thought to what you look like, nose running, mouth open in an ‘O’ of misery. I knew how that felt. I was soaked in a matter of minutes, hoodie dripping at the sleeves, wringing wet at the shoulders, water working its way through to my T-shirt. I got up, squelching in my shoes. Wrapping my arms around myself, I shivered, eyes closed, brain too frozen to think what I should do next. Arms caught me and hugged me to a hot, wet chest. ‘How can you even think that I would walk away?’ he said bitterly. ‘Yves.’ The emptiness suddenly filled; protest became a shout of happiness. ‘I saw you sitting there—you really thought I’d gone. You didn’t even trust me enough to look twice, did you?’ He had got up a good head of steam, temper finally escaping. ‘And standing on the edge like that, threatening to throw yourself in—I can’t believe you said that to me!’ ‘I’m . . .’

‘I don’t want to hear it. Every time you open that mouth of yours you say something dumb that gets me angry, so I’m gonna stop you the only way I know how.’ His lips swooped down on mine in a hot, forceful kiss, spiced with fury and frustration. Firecrackers exploded behind my closed eyes, sparkles in the pit of my stomach. I could feel the muscles of his chest bunching as he shifted to move me to a better angle, his fingers slipping under the damp material of my T-shirt to brush my waist. Responding to this new side to him, I shoved my hand under the tight belt around his jeans to touch the small of his back, palm resting against the strong notch at the base of his spine. His skin was so warm, so perfect. He raised his head to take a breath. ‘Don’t you dare say we don’t belong together,’ he warned. ‘We have this—and so much more. I’m not letting you throw it away.’

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