Rosetta Stone

The Key to unlocking Ancient Egypt's long lost secrets.

The Rosetta Stone was first discovered in the town of ʻRosettaʼ 1799 midd July, by a French Captain Pierre Francois Xavier Bouchard. The stone was found by ascendent, whilst rebuilding a fort in Egypt. The Rosetta stone is made from solid black basalt. It weighs about 762kg, with a width of 72cm, a height of 114cm and a thickness of 28cm. The stone is decorated with carved inscriptions which are divided into 3 sections. The top section is is Hieroglyphic Egyptian, the middle section is demotic Egyptian ( a simple kind of hieroglyphic) and the bottom section is Greek. The Rosetta Stone is very sacred to the Egyptian community. It is believed that the stone was carved in 196BC, by the priest. It is said that it was caved to honor the Pharaoh and all the good things he has done for both the priests and Egypt. By Akaysha Philp

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