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NKC Innovation

NKC Innovation

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Published by: Mahesh Kumar K.r. on Sep 20, 2011
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The second most important external barrier as perceived by large firms is the lack of
effective collaboration between industry with research conducted in universities and
R&D institutions. In fact, more than half of the large firms and SMEs claim that
the lack of co-operation with universities and R&D labs is an important barrier to

The most important
external barrier to
Innovation, as perceived
by both large firms and
SMEs is skill shortage,
due to the lack of
emphasis on creativity,
problem-solving, design,
experimentation, etc. in
the education curricula.


Concluding Observations

Innovation. Conversely, there is a clear indication that collaboration with universities
and R&D labs does enhance firm innovativeness. Innovation Intensity is higher for
firms that collaborate, and the proportion of Highly Innovative firms is also higher.
In order to create more incentives for R&D, NKC has recommended the enactment
of legislation for government funded research in the country, that would enable the
following: give universities and research institutions ownership and patent rights over
inventions arising out of government funded research; create an enabling environment
for universities and research institutions to commercialize such inventions through
licensing arrangements/partnerships where inventors would also be allowed to receive
a share of the royalty; and also thereby generally facilitate more collaborative efforts
with industry.46

There are precedents for such legislation such as the American
enactment entitled the Patent and Trademark Law Amendments Act, enacted in 1980
and commonly known as the Bayh-Dole Act. Introduction of legislation generally
along the lines of the Bayh-Dole Act, while keeping in mind India’s specific interests,
is necessary to help scientific research develop far reaching Innovations, generate
employment and function as a vehicle of significant economic growth.

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