Work in groups. Discuss whether the goods below are essential for our daily lives.

Choose the five items that you believe are the most necessary. hairdryer TV mobile phone vacuum cleaner radio tap water paper soap bottled water CDs or downloadable music perfume computer car refrigerator bicycle fast food books sweets jewellery trainers

Discuss what other goods or services are essential for our daily lives.

Read the article and answer the questions. 1 What's the difference between 'wanting' something and 'needing' something? 2 What things do we all need to survive? (e.g. a home)

How are the basic needs met How many of the things you own dovou really need?

A: Hi. Sonia. I really wanted this coat I saw in a magazine. Ijust Whatwereyoudoing? We use the Past Simple to talk about a complete event in the was almost identical! I wanted to get a new mobile phone. Mine still worked but my friend had a more up-to-date one. Past Simple v Past Continuous Put these examples under the correct rule. how did you feel later? Did you enjoy it? Why? Why not? EXAMPLE We use the Past Continuous to set the scene in a story. Work in pairs. Yes. In the 1980s James was living in London. But some of itsfunctions aren't as good as the last one. What did you want so much it became a need? Did you go ahead and get it? If not. We use when not while in front of the Past Simple. Think about the questions. Find and underline the examples of the Past Continuous and Past Simple in the article on page 10. Then tell your partner. Hussein was workingfor an import-export company when he moved to Italy in 2006. We use the Past Simple for an action that interrupts a Past Continuous action in progress. I wasn't at my desk when you called. I met my friend Brian when/while I was studying Business at college. We use the Past Continuous to talk about an action that was in progress. what stopped you? If you did buy it. Tell your partner ab to you in the past. But I opened my wardrobe and saw the coat I bought last year . Javier was SUrfing the net when his manager came into the office. All his friends were earning lots of money. Remember to work experience a coincidence winning a competition ______________________________________4 . NOT I was being in a meeting when the CEOarrived. Iwas in a meeting when the CEOarrived.Past Simple v Past Continuous interrupting polite requests wants and needs Work in pairs. Stative verbs are not usually used in continuous tenses. B: Iwas reading a looks nice -fashionable. We use while I when in front of the Past Continuous. actually! Complete the text with the Past Simple or Past Continuous of the verbs in brackets. got your message.

Buyers Sellers what Ican afford what it cost to prod uce . which of the buyer's questions do you ask? Do you ask any others? 3 Why do sellers have to consider the price other sellers are charging? 5 Why will producers lower their prices? 6 Why will producers raise their prices? Read the article again and make notes about the factors that affect buyers and sellers.12 Unit 2 What's money? A man is a success ifhe gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do. What is being sold? Who are the sellers and the buyers? Read the article and answer the questions. Look at the pictures above. 1 What are the different aims of buyers and sellers? 2 When you are buying a new product.

Duseyour mobile phone D finish my report for me Dborrow£10 D open the window D explain how to get to the meeting D buy stamps for me D get me a glass afwater D borrow your bike D turn down your radio D borrow your dictionary each request. Requests Could Ipossibly borrow your file? When you agree to a request.. Role play the go to p.) Listen again and tick (. Student B go to (. Put these requests in order of how much trouble they require or disturbance they cause. (.. Yes.) Listen and respond to the requests. your voice also stays low at the end of the sentence. Agree to the polite requests.I) the expressions you hear.. D . goods services supply transaction demand value D Excuse me.. Economic terms Match the words with the definitions.. What excuse does the person give who can't help? .l0S.) Listen and repeat the requests. ---.. 7 a business done between people.) Listen to the three situations and note what Karen wants to know. often involving a buyer and seller b doing something for customers but not producing goods c how much something is worth in money or other goods d physical things that are produced to be sold e the desire or need of customers for goods or services f the amount of something that is offered for sale DWouldyoumind 1.of course... ---.7 Polite requests When you make a polite request.(. (. refuse the rude request.. your voice stays low at the end of the sentence..

14 Unit 2 There is only one boss -the customer. And he can fire else. everybody in the company from the chairman down. What are the main duties of a music store manager? What qualities do you need? Note your ideas. Read about Jamie Hughes. . simply by spending his money somewhere jounderojWal-Mart Stores Inc. Think about the factors that influenced the availability of the product and its price. Which of your ideas does he mention? Why do you think a store manager has to put 'customers first'? s? for your personal use? it was good value? Write a short report together about your six purchases.

Ask to read your colleague's marketing report (you need the information for a proj ect you are doing). ~ Don't work against the clock. Ask howto access the client database (your boss has asked you to update it). . don't start very fast. Work in pairs. Write answers to the emails. take a walk in the park.go outside. Apologise and explain why you can't help. ~ Take a break . Ask when thenext group meeting is (you are new).Focus on what you want to achieve. Offer explanations. just concentrate on the job in hand.clutter reduces your energy levels. . Think 'After this I can .' Tidy up your desk and room . or you will run out of energy. Give your emails to your partner. Write emails to a colleague for two of the following situations. Work at a steady pace. You are in a new job as an administrative assistant for a small company. Don't be distracted by other jobs. Stretch and move your body .it increases the blood flow to your brain. stay focused on the task you are doing. Ask your colleague to email you the office phone list (you have lost it)..

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