5 ENTREPRENEURSHIP EDUCATION TIME: 3 HOURS Instructions Answer all questions 1. You are planning to start a sugar processing plant. (a) Explain the effects of the project to the natural environment. (b) Suggest measures to reduce the negative effects of the project to the environment. (c) Mention the different organizations put in place to protect the environment. (d) Give the NEMA environmental standards to be observed by entrepreneurs. 2. You intend to start a project that deals with the making of wedding cakes. (a) List the materials which you would require. (b) Which factors would you consider when choosing suppliers of materials for your project? (c) What are the benefits of the project, the society is likely to get? (d) State the likely risks your project might face during operation? 3. (a) Distinguish between self-employment and paid employment. (b) What are the factors that are considered when choosing a career? (c) Give the factors responsible for the differences in the levels of income for different careers. (d)Give the merits and demerits of paid employment? 4. (a) Define the term “purchasing” (b) Give and explain the different documents used in the purchasing of goods. (c) Distinguish between lead time and re- order level as used in purchasing. (d) Give the procedures to be followed when receiving goods purchased.


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