The Woman on Los Feliz Notes 19.09.


Genre Type: Film Noir – Horror
*There are three main characters in the film Noir genre, ‘The Truth Seeker’, ’The Hunted’ and ‘The Femme Fatal’.*

Story Ideas paths reviewed
. Could have a copy cat murder based on an actual murder that took place in the area. .Could be based around killings surrounding suppressed hatred, (helter skelter) woman possibly caught in the middle. .Could be Sin City Style, the murder has already happened and the story is based on a crime scene investigation.

Trailer Ideas .Starts in the crime scene (maybe non linear), and we roll back into history and see what happened
before to get to this “future”. . Similar to “The Watchmen” we see clips of old where things were happy, and then a particular event happens to change the calm into violence e.g. in the watchmen it was the War.

-Writing up to around three different synopsis for story Ideas. -Trailer could have an Easter eggs of a child’s drawing of the actual house where the murder (our story is based around) took place. -Deciding upon group name -All team members agreed to research and a meeting on Wednesday

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