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Workshop Ua-galp en May2011-V01 - Copy

Workshop Ua-galp en May2011-V01 - Copy

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Published by: Joaquim Macedo de Sousa on Sep 20, 2011
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WORKSHOP UA-GALP University of Aveiro’s research applied to the upstream petroleum business: science supporting the “Exploration & Production”

segment University of Aveiro, 6th May 2011 (“Sala do Senado”, “Reitoria” building)

10h00-10h15 10h15-11h00 11h00-11h15 11h15-11h30 11h30-11h45 11h45-12h00 12h00-12h15 12h15-13h00

Welcome and Opening José Fernando Mendes, Vice-rector for Research & Doctoral School T1: The Company E&P Prospective Analysis Galp Energia T2: Processing and Interpretation of Seismic Data for Reservoir Characterization Luis Menezes Pinheiro, Department of Geosciences & CESAM T3: Analysis of Diagenesis (Maturity) of Sedimentary Basins and Reservoirs Fernando Tavares da Rocha, Department of Geosciences & GEOBIOTEC T4: Flow Assurance and Downstream Processing of Oils João Pereira Coutinho, Department of Chemistry & CICECO T5: Operational Oceanography and Meteorology Jesús Dubert, Department of Physics and CESAM T6: Long-Term Marine Bio-Monitoring Programs: a Tool for a Sustainable Use of Oil Resources Amadeu Soares, Department of Biology & CESAM Discussion Moderator: João Nuno Mendes Director of Innovation, Business Development and Sustainability of Galp Energia LUNCH Visit to Process and Product Applied Thermodynamics Laboratory at CICECO (Department of Chemistry) with João Pereira Coutinho Visit to Marine Geology and Geophysics Laboratory at CESAM (Department of Geosciences) with Luis Menezes Pinheiro T7: Development of Materials for Activities in the Petroleum E&P Rui Silva, Department of Chemistry & CICECO T8: Permanent Sensors for Measuring Casing Stress/Deformation Joana Catarina Mendes, Department of Mechanical Engineering & TEMA T9: Implementation of Experimental Measurements and Monitoring Processes Using Optical Sensors João de Lemos Pinto, Department of Physics & I3N, and Paulo Sérgio André, Department of Physics & IT Discussion Moderator: Joaquim Borges Gouveia, Department of Economics, Management and Industrial Engineering & GOVCOPP COFFEE-BREAK Workshop Wrap-Up Joaquim Macedo de Sousa, Manager of Science and Technology, UA

13h00-14h00 14h00-14h30 14h30-15h00

15h00-15h15 15h15-15h30 15h30-15h45 15h45-16h30

16h30-17h15 17h15-17h30

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