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Edgars Book

Edgars Book

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Published by opelastraopc
This is a story of an average person and what life throws at him
Trials he has to go through and the end result
This is a story of an average person and what life throws at him
Trials he has to go through and the end result

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Published by: opelastraopc on Sep 20, 2011
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It was a cold Friday evening in June (winter) and Joe did not plan
anything for the evening, Edison left to fetch his girlfriend Pearl and when
they came back to his surprise Joy came in with them. There Joe stood
looking at her standing in the doorway looking as beautiful as ever, his
heart started beating fast and butterflies in his stomach, but he did not
want to show her how he felt. He greeted and asked Edison “so what are
you guys up to” he replied “nothing much just going to watch movies” with

that answer Joes sneaky mind started working and he said “Edison give
me your car keys please I wont be long” and left but came back within 5

minutes with a bottle of southern comfort which he knew was Joys
favourite. Joe knew he only had this chance to impress her and show her
what a great guy he was and had to play it cool. Joy replied “is that for all
of us” Joe answered “yes” and asked “is this ok what I bought” Joy
answered “oh yes it‟s my favourite drink” Joe replied “is it” and knew he
was on his way to success.

So the four of them made themselves comfortable in the bedroom ,they
watched movies and enjoyed the Bottle of southern comfort, Joe knew he
had to show Joy a fun night without spooking her away and that is
exactly what he done. At the end of the evening when it was time to take
the ladies home Pearl pushed Joe and he fell on top of Joy. They had a
laugh and then Joe gazed into her eyes and she gazed back, Joe thought
to himself at that moment “it‟s now or never” he kissed her and it was
exactly how he imagined (heaven on earth), the night was a
Joe had a plan and had to work carefully, he totally figured out Joy and
she was a complicated lady and he had to proceed with caution not to
spoil everything. She did not want a boyfriend, but he did pick up a signal
from her the Friday past and had to play all his cards. Joe had already
made plans to leave the country to live with his parents and decided to
use that although he was confident that she was the one, it was all or

The next week, Thursday after the Friday night, Joe was working night
shift and decided to give Joy a call to ask her on an official date. It took
him an hour and a half to get her to say yes to go with him to the movies.
He convinced her she has nothing to loose, cause after 3 weeks he would
be gone and never to return and she agreed, the 3 weeks past and he was
right she fell head over heels in love with him and he with her, but it was
too late to change the plans cause Joes mum was exited and waiting for
him, now he was sitting with headache of his life, what to do? He
constantly asked himself and decided this would be the ultimate test.
The night before he left his friends gave him a going away party and there
is where Joy and Joe had a serious talk and Joy told him that she loves
him and did not want him to leave, and Joe felt the same but is was too
late to cancel everything. They never came to a conclusion they just
decided to enjoy the night. Joy slept over at Joe‟s house that night. Joe

did not want the night to end but it did. That night was the first time Joe
cried in a long time (tears of joy and sorrow).

The morning arrived and Joy, Edison, Jack and Rosie (another close
friend of Joy that lived in the same road of Joe. They were friends
since primary school
) took Joe to the airport, it was the saddest goodbye.
Everyone cried, Joe left, and he was gone.

Joe‟s Brief Thoughts

As he sits in the aeroplane “Its too late, I can‟t turn around now, mum and

dad would be so devastated not to talk about pilot and the air hostesses
they would be pissed at me. It took me so long to get Joy and I finally have
her and now I leave her, am I an idiot! Maybe time will heal this feeling I
have, this feeling of being lost, this feeling of something missing, this

feeling of regret and this feeling of disappointment”. Joe‟s eyes closed and

he fell asleep.


Four and a half hours later he arrived in Malawi, and what a welcome. His
parents and all his friends that he made on his first holiday to Malawi
were waiting for him with open arms.
When he got home he immediately phoned Joy but that was a mistake
because now he missed her even more. After he put the phone down he
told himself he was on holiday and this made him feel a little better. He
phoned Joy as much as he could. Two weeks past and Joe could not
handle it anymore, he wanted to go home, and he missed Joy too much.
This living like a king was not what he expected. He made up his mind
and told his mother. She agreed with Joe because she could see he was

not happy. When Joe‟s dad got home that night Joe immediately told him,

and he agreed to sort out his plane ticket the next day. Joe stayed another
2 weeks and was on his way home, but did not let Joy know. He wanted to
surprise her. He told her to stay at home the Wednesday night because
someone was going to bring her a present that he bought in Malawi.

That Wednesday he got home at 6pm and had enough time to get to Joys
house before church. He knocked on the door and Joy opened and stood
there shocked, he held her very tightly and told her he is never leaving her
again. That night he went with her to church.

The next month Joe got his job back again and everything was back on
track. Things were going great for Joe. The year passed and Joe‟s
relationship blossomed.

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