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Synthetic biology

1. Name 10 words associated with synthetic biology. 2. Which of these images would you associate with synthetic biology?

2. GMOs 3. Genetic engineering

1. Medical research

5. Drug development

4. Molecular biology

6. Bio-fuel

3. Choose the most appropriate of the following definitions for synthetic biology (all of them are correct): - Biological circuits based on genes which allow the programming of cells or microorganisms. - Synthesis of complex, biology-based systems which display functions which are non-existent in nature. - Design and manufacture of biological components which are non-existent in nature. - Redesign and manufacture of naturally occurring biological systems which are given new capabilities. 4. What are synthetic biology risks? 5. In our place, what project of synthetic biology would you have developed? 6. To what fields would you apply synthetic biology? 7. Do you think Christian principles are incompatible with synthetic biology? 8. Do you think religion should get involved in this new scientific discipline?