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Family statement on Vincent Zaramba continued detention

20/09/2011. Press release. BY THE FARMILY OF SALONGO NZARAMBA VINCENT. As the family of Ssalongo Nzaramba Vincent we demand to know the whereabouts of our son, husband and farther who was arrested by the security operatives from his home in Kyebando. We are dismayed at how security operatives rounded him up with out giving us clear explanation on why he was being arrested but we have come to understand that the book he published titled PEOPLES POWER (HOW TO BRING ABOUT CHANGE USING NON VIOLENT MEANS) could be the reason he was locked up. We demand that government and security operatives with immediate effect take him to the courts of law to be charged because the law clearly states that no one shall be locked up for more than 48 hours with out being charged in court. Nzaramba was arrested on Saturday the 17th 0f September and the next time we saw him, he was in the company of security operatives from Rapid Response Unit in Kireka who collected all the copies of the book he had published and we do not know why all the copies were taken. As the wife to Mr. NZARAMBA, I Gloria Nzaramba demand that government releases my husband because he committed no offence but simply expressed his views that he then put in to a publication and this according to the constitution is not unlawful as the security operatives want us to believe. My husband simply expressed his opinion which is a fundamental right. There fore if Uganda really is a Democratic Nation, let ordinary Ugandans like I, see the democratic values and principles being executed. I pray that my plea is met with considerable response. Thank you. For God and my Country. Gloria Nzaramba.