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The Book That Got Uganda's Writer Arrested

The Book That Got Uganda's Writer Arrested

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Published by Haggae Matsiko

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Published by: Haggae Matsiko on Sep 20, 2011
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Only nonviolent weapons shall be used during the strug-


gle. We shall disassociate, isolate, expose, and guard
against any; individual, groups, state agents and civil and
political organizations that resort to or advance the use of
violence in the name of advancing the cause of this non-
violent revolutionary movement.
Even in the face of extreme police and military brutal-


ity we must restrain ourselves from abusing and insulting
them. We must instead show them love and discipline
and call upon them to restrain themselves from carrying
out the brutal orders of the regime. These policemen and
women in uniform are our brothers and sisters who do not
come from mars or any other foreign country but from our
villages and facing the same economic, social and political
hardships as ourselves or even worse. It is fear that makes
them to carry out brutal orders. Therefore, it is our duty
to show them the light and also help them get rid of fear.



There shall be no use of songs, symbols, slogans, obscene


language, and colors that are divisive because this is an
all inclusive self-liberation movement. It is by mobilizing
the society as a whole that victory shall be made possible-
“PEOPLE POWER.” In short, we are a non-denomination-
al and non-sectarian revolutionary movement.
We shall work with all individuals, groups, civil and po-


litical parties/ organizations including some progressive
members of the ruling National Resistance Movement
(NRM) so longer as they support and work to advance our
demands, cause and vision, and also ready to work within
these guidelines.
No member of this revolutionary movement shall support


or work towards the success of a coup d’état. Instead any
coup attempt must be swiftly fought and defeated by the
same methods being used to fight the dictatorship.
Once in motion, the struggle must not stop unless when all


our demands are met. Even when the coordinating com-
mittee members are compromised and decide to jump off
the revolution they must be left to crash and revolution
continues. This revolution must be like a run-away-train
or a sloping truck that has lost its brakes in that one can-
not stop it or jump off, or else he/she crashes.
The coordinating committee will be responsible for co-


ordinating and communicating strategies, methods, and
tactics to be used by regional leaders of the nonviolent
activities. However, the use of methods and tactics shall
vary with time and space; and in this case field and local
revolutionary leaders will decide on which move to take
without consulting or waiting for communication from the
coordinating committee provided they stick to the use of
nonviolent weapons.



We have adopted the method of Nonviolent Action because of
the following reasons below;-
Nonviolent Action mobilizes and empowers the popula-


tion as a whole to fight and defeat the dictatorship includ-
ing future dictatorships, and other forms of oppressions
Though not risk free, it is a means of struggle that mini-


mizes causalities, and other costs of war. Post-dictatorship
society remains relatively united.
We cannot wait for an election to get rid of the dictator-


ship because a popular election to bring about the major
change required for more democratic and free political
society is not available. The election is bought and rigged,
or its results is falsified or ignored.
Violent rebellion, including guerrilla warfare and terror-


ism, will produces crushing repression, suffering to the
population, massive casualties and defeat. By placing con-
fidence in violent means, one would have chosen the very
type of struggle with which the oppressor nearly always
has superiority. The dictatorship is well equipped to apply
violence overwhelmingly. The dictator almost has superi-
ority in military hardware, ammunition, coercive machin-
ery of the state, money, transportation, and the size of
military forces. Despite our bravery, we are a no match.
We do not even support guerrillas, because should they
succeed, the resulting new regime is likely to be more
dictatorial than its predecessor due to the centralizing im-
pact of the expanded military forces and the weakening
or destruction of the society’s independent groups and
institutions during the struggle- bodies that are vital in
establishing and maintaining a democratic society.

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