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WE List of Experiments.

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Study of basic HTML tags Write code for web page with 3 frames TOP, LEFT & BODY where TOP frame consist of company heading, LEFT frame consist of product & BODY frame consists of information about the product. When you click on product name it should display the product details into BODY frame. Design Email registration form. Include name, username, password, reconfirm password, clue to remember the password. Write html code to design Resume. Use tables, ordered list, unordered list and <hr> tag. a) Design external style sheet for following, 1) Link name = green Visited link=yellow Active link = blue Hover (handover) link = black 2) Table with following features Background color = green Text color = white Font size = 20 b) Design internal style sheet for 1)two headings with different color and size, 2)to set background color, 3)to set paragraph margin , 4)to set font as Arial and font size=14. Table border = 10 a)Write html code to demonstrate JavaScript string object. b) Write html code to demonstrate JavaScript array object. c) Write html code to demonstrate JavaScript date object. d) Write html code to demonstrate JavaScript math object. a) Write JavaScript function to calculate factorial of a number. b) Write html code using JavaScript function to perform basic arithmetic operation. To study and implement XML document using DTD and XML schema and XSLT. To create servlet. Create online examination form using ASP. Implement database connection using ASP. Testing of Web Application(Case-study)


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