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Course Outline

Course: Business Statistics Program: BBA Faculty: Dr. Jahangir Alam

Statistics and probability relate to an impact on virtually every aspect of our daily lives, professional and personal. We are continuously assessing, summarizing it, drawing conclusions and acting upon these conclusions in the countless decisions we make each and every day. Statistics attempts to bring some order, coherence and a degree of formality to procedures we routinely use to lessen the degree of uncertainty. This course will provide students useful tools for making analysis under varous business environment and making decision.

Course Contents:
1. Overview of introdction to Statistics 2. Probability 3. Discrete Probability Distributions 4. Normal Probability Distributions 5. Sampling Method & Sampling Distribution 6. Estimation 7. Test of Hypotheses 8. Analysis of Variance 9. Regression & Correlation Analysis 10. Chi Square Analysis

11.Reference Book:
1. Statistical Techniques in Business & Economics- Mason, Marchal & Wathen 2. Statistics For Management---- Richard I. Levin & David S. Rubin

Grading System: Students will be evaluated as per grading criteria of the university.