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Songwriter's Monthly, Sept '11, #140 - Jonathan Edwards

Songwriter's Monthly, Sept '11, #140 - Jonathan Edwards

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A look at "My Love Will Keep," Jonathan Edwards first studio album in 14 years!
A look at "My Love Will Keep," Jonathan Edwards first studio album in 14 years!

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Published by: SongwritersMonthly on Sep 20, 2011
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The title track, “My Love Will Keep,” is a vow that promises a lasting love. It’s not a fiercely passionate moment, but a confident and sure forever; a sentiment that will always be. This song is a true couples’ anthem. Penned for a movie after a conversation with Richard Dreyfuss, “Lightkeeper” is a definite highpoint on the album. Painted in rich imagery and glazed with the lapping rhythm of a sea shanty, this song has the distinctive air of a true classic. “How Long” and “Crazy Texas Woman” are two pebbles hurled into the otherwise tranquil waters that comprise this album. Both tracks manage to deliver an invigorating kick that effectively spices up the listening experience without disturbing the overall relaxing vibe. If you think you know “She Loves You,” think again! Edwards manages to completely reinvent this Beatles’ hit in a way that delivers a fascinating and previously unexplored emotional depth. Listening is believing. It’s been 14 years since Edwards has released a studio album and MY LOVE WILL KEEP is well worth the wait. His artistry has been simmering, soaking up all the vital richness of life until it’s been superbly aged and exquisitely seasoned. Savor the magic. http://jonathanedwards.net http://www.scribd.com/SongwritersMonthly

Jonathan Edwards MY LOVE WILL KEEP Appleseed Recordings
From the very first strum, it is obvious that Jonathan Edwards’ latest album has been created with an extraordinary measure of care. Gentle and easy, the music instantly warms your core like a quiet smile offered from a close friend. “Johnny Blue Horizon” is a tender and touching tribute to John Denver. Edwards’ voice is compassionate and sincere while navigating music that unfolds with an unassuming grace and blossoms into a delicate bouquet of almost Heaven. Mike Barnette’s fiddle work is impressively understated and adds just the right touch of uplift and reverence. Songwriter’s Monthly - Sept. ‘11, #140

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