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Gloria, Ma.

Nelia C
ABMC III Writing for Print : Query Letter Therese Ng Star Teacher Magazine Manila, Philippines September 20, 2011 Ms. Ng, Teacher Efren Penaflorida, roamed Cavite City to teach the uneducated street children through the help of his very own Kariton Klasroom . And as we all know, with that noble dedication to education and teaching, he has not only brought the key to success into fame but also made his own. He was voted CNNs Hero of the Year in 2009. Regarding that, I propose a 2,000 word utility feature on how to make education successful which magazine readers should find interesting. The article will include ways and techniques to help teachers for a more effective teaching skill that they can bring even outside the four corners of the classroom. Also, it can help them to see and enjoy the extent of teaching not only as passion but a profession that can suffice their everyday living. The interview with Mr. Penaflorida would be more substantial than his previous interviews on television and other publications because he would like to inspire more people, but itll be a great honor for him to inspire more teachers through this magazine intended for public teachers. I ask you to accept my article and see my resume attached. I am an experienced writer, proofreader, editor, trained by great mentors, making me more knowledgeable and qualified as a writer. However, I am open for improvements for the betterment of my being. Included in this letter are some of my works. Thank you so much for the time. It is a great privilege that you read this letter! Hope you publish my work/s in your magazine.

Truly yours, Nelia Gloria