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Honeywell DigitroniK DCP551 Mark II Digital Control Programmer User’s Manual 7 SS if Perry ir EN1I-6186 Issue 0 (12/97) TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE Ifyou encounter a problem with your unit, please review all the configuration data to verify that your selections are consistent with your application; (ie. Inputs, Outputs, Alarms, Limits, etc. If the problem persists after checking the above parameters, you can get technical assistance by calling the following: In the USA.: 1-800-423-9883 In other countries: See following Honeywell Service Center addresses HX Safety Precautions 3g @ About Symbols Safety precautions are for ensuring safe and correct use of this product, and for pre- venting injury to the operator and other people or damage to property. You must observe these safety precautions, which are indicated by various symbols in this manual. Read the safety precautions first and make sure you understand them before you read the rest of the manual. Cautions indicate a situation which, if not avoided or handled correctly, may result in injury or property damage. @ Example of Symbols Equilateral triangles alert the user to a possible danger “WARNING” or CAUTION’ that may be caused by wrongful operation or misuse of this product. ‘The symbol inside the triangle graphically represent the actual danger. (The example on the left wams the user of the danger of electric shock.) White circles with a 45° slash angled downward from upper lett to lower right ‘otifes the user that specific actions are prohibited to prevent possible danger. ‘The symbol inside the cicie is a graphical representation ofthe actual prohibited action. (The example on the let notifies the user that disassembly is prohibited.) Black filled-in circles instruct the user to carry out a specific obligatory action to prevent possible danger. ‘The symbol inside the circle isa graphical representation ct the actual action to be carried cut (The example onthe left instructs the user to remove the plug from the outlet.)