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Isbell WatchDOGS Online Registration

Isbell WatchDOGS Online Registration

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Published by Brad Knight

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Published by: Brad Knight on Sep 20, 2011
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Isbell WatchDOGS Online Registration

This year, registration will take place online and will be available immediately following the Pizza Night Kick-off. There will be three steps to completing registration.

1. Completion of Frisco ISD background check.
https://forms.friscoisd.org/backgroundcheck/Check01.aspx 2. PT Avenue Volunteer request date a. Login to PT Avenue https://www.parentteacher.net/login.asp b. Type our school code, isbellpta, in the box labeled “Organization Code”. c. Click on the pink calendar button at the top. d. Use the drop down menu to choose your desired month. e. The first day of each month has an event labeled “WatchDOGS schedule for month ”. Click on the yellow hand to see available days for that month. f. Days are grouped by day of the week, not date, so pay careful attention to your date. g. Pick a date, enter your information, and click the “sign-up” button on the right. 3. WatchDOGS registration form https://acrobat.com/?i=IK5mpZyP0UmARPTO5hySTg a. Click on the open tab to get the form b. Input information into form (all red fields are required) c. Upon completion click the “submit form” button on the top right of the page
If you have any questions please contact us at isbellwatchdogs@gmail.com

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