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Production Schedule

Production Schedule Group Blog Personal Blog Brainstorm Genre Research

SCRIBD Blog/Internet Blog/internet Paper Internet


Group Maintenance- Sahir Everyone Jaspreet Jaspreet

Development and Pre-production

Analysing the opening Word sequence of two film Processor/PowerPoint

Each Group member has to do it individually

Preliminary Task

Camera/ Final cut and YouTube Internet Word Processor Word Processor Word Processor


Face book Group

Sahir Jaspreet Jaspreet

Treatment Planning Brief British Board of Film Classification 90 minute Synopsis Outline for two minutes Narrative theory

Ahmed Word Processor Sahir Jaspreet Word Processor Ahmed

Company Logo Target Audience/ Audience Research Pre-Questionnaire Pre-Questionnaire Graphs Location Notes Cast Notes Score Notes Script Shooting Script Analyse the title sequence of a film

Paint Word Processor

Jaspreet Jaspreet Ahmed

Excel Word Processor Word Processor Word Processor Word Processor Word Processor

Sahir Sahir Sahir Sahir Jaspreet Ahmed

Sahir Sahir Ahmed Ahmed Ahmed Sahir

Letters for Permission Word Processor Budget Storyboard Equipment List Weekly Updates Production Film Dates DAY1 DAY 2 DAY 3 Tri-pod Camera Dv Tapes Lights Paper Shot List EXCEL PAPER Word Processor

Director: Jaspreet Camera: Sahir Sound & editing: Ahmed

Post Production Log Rushes Edit Decision List Post Questionnaire Post Questionnaire and graphs Create DVD COMPUTER Final Cut Pro Jaspreet Jaspreet Sahir Editor: Ahmed Ahmed


Everyone does their own