Svilen Valkov


23 HillBank Tr., Brampton ON, L6S 1P6, 905-791-8239,,

OBJECTIVE Provide consulting services with excellence as Database Architect, DBA and System Administrator HIGHLIGHT OF QUALIFICATIONS Performer produced results on multiple projects for corporate and operations level clients Leader and positive communicator, responsible for timeframes, tasks, system architecture and design Multi-lingual in English (fluent), French (basic), German (good), Russian (fluent) and Bulgarian (fluent) TECHNICAL SKILLS Databases 8+ MS SQL Server 7/2000/2005, 5+ Oracle 9/10, 9+ Access, 1+ Sybase OS 8+ Windows NT/2000/2003, 7+ Linux Red Hat (CentOS), Debian/Ubuntu, 1+ Solaris Servers 7+ MS Exchange 5.5/2000, 7+ IIS 5/6, 5+ Apache, 2+ Postfix, 5+ SourceSafe, 2+ SVN Virtualization 5+ VMware, 4+ Xen, 5+ Virtual PC/Server, 1+ KVM, QEMU, Chroot, 3+ Linux-Vserver Languages 8+ T-SQL, 6+ PL/SQL, 7+ VBS/Cmd, 5+ Bash, 4+ ASP, 10 + HTML/JS, 7+ C/CGI WORK EXPERIENCE System and Security Architect, Self-employed (Canada) (2008 – Present) Audited IT security environment for Consulate General of Bulgaria Toronto, Ontario Designed system architecture for Independent Artist Label (Chosenproductions, Burlingon, Ontario) Senior Database Architect, EuroRisk Systems (Bulgaria/Austria) (2006 – 2008) Developed Central Data Warehouse for BAWAG P.S.K., one of the largest European financial networks Enforced Data Architecture for enterprise systems and databases Implemented ETL, Imports and Exports for large datasets, security and controls Integrated Business Intelligence (BI) engine for financial analysis aggregates and risk limits Managed 12 Oracle 9/10 and 7 MS SQL Server 2000/2005 for development and testing Configured Linux CentOS 4 (Red Hat EL) with VMware environment for databases and applications Senior Database Programmer, SysMaster (Bulgaria/USA) (2005 – 2005) Supported VOIP billing and Quadruple Play Sybase for the largest VoIP billing solution company Developed VOIP billing platform database for VoiceMaster VOIP billing software Designed databases for Quadruple Play system - Internet, Television (VOD, PPV, Live) and phone (VoIP) Senior DBA (2002), Société Générale Expressbank (Bulgaria/France) (2001 - 2005) Conceptualized Bank Data Warehouse with 1.5 billion records for the 20th largest world bank groups Established in-house ETL and Business Intelligence (BI) database systems for events and trends Organized databases for 5 Experian Credit Scoring systems (Transact/ PPI) Modeled in-house database for negative accidents and documents for unwanted clients (Black List) Advised database architecture for Phone Banking IVR (Alcatel PBX) system Managed 10 MS SQL Server databases, 2 Oracle instance as setup, upgrades, optimizations and backups Maintained 15 Windows 2000/2003, 2 MS Exchange 5.5/2000 and VMware and Virtual Server More work experience details available upon request EDUCATION University of Economics, City of Varna - Bulgaria (U of T Comparative Results Expected October 2008) • Master's degree, Computer Science 2004-2006 • Associate degree, Computer Science 2000-2002 • Bachelor's degree, International Business 1997-2001 CERTIFICATES & TRAINING Brain Bench IT exams, 2006-2008 Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP ID: 1920999), (661535 / WelcomeHOME) • Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) 2000-2003 • Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) 2000-2001 More certificate details available upon request REFERENCES Available upon request

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