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SvilenValkov RESUME Func SysAdm 20080903

SvilenValkov RESUME Func SysAdm 20080903

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Published by: api-3701597 on Oct 14, 2008
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Svilen Valkov

OBJECTIVE Providing excellent professional services as System Administrator.


23 HillBank Tr., Brampton ON, L6S 1P6 ● 905-791-8239 ● svilen.valkov@gmail.com ● www.linkedin.com/in/svilenvalkov

PROFILE Confident, motivated and energetic excellent performer and high-end professional with accomplishments in both technology and management. Resourceful and supportive leader, positive communicator, benefiting clients and management. Always learning, developing perfect and automated self-sustaining database centric solutions. HIGHLIGHT OF QUALIFICATIONS International expertise in large projects as a part of distributed European and American teams for over 8 years Problem solver with large outstanding history in dozens of projects and counseled management and clients Leader and positive communicator, responsible for defining timeframes, tasks, system architecture and design Multi-lingual in : English (fluent), French (basic), German (good), Russian (fluent) and Bulgarian (fluent) TECHNICAL SKILLS Databases ● 8+ MS SQL Server 7/2000/2005 ● 5+ Oracle 9/10 ● 9+ Access ● 1+ Sybase ● 1+ PostgreSQL OS ● 9+ Windows NT/2000/2003 ● 7+ Linux Red Hat (CentOS), Debian/Ubuntu ● 1+ Unix Solaris Servers ● 7+ MS Exchange 5.5/2000 ● 7+ IIS 5/6 ● 5+ Apache ● 2+ Postfix ● 5+ SourceSafe ● 2+ SVN Platforms ● 3+ SugarCRM ● 2+ WordPress ● 2+ MediaWiki ● 2+ Project-Open ● 2+ Trac ● 2+ Gallery 2 Virtualization ● 5+ VMware ● 4+ Xen ● 5+ Virtual PC/Server ● 1+ KVM ● QEMU ● Chroot ● 3+ LinuxVserver Tools ● 6+ Visio ● 3+ Jdeveloper ● 4+ SQL Developer ● 5+ SQL*Plus ● 5+ Visual Studio ● 5+ Dia Languages ● 8+ T-SQL ● 6+ PL/SQL ● 7+ VBS/Cmd ● 5+ Bash ● 4+ ASP ● 10 + HTML/JS ● 7+ C/CGI EXPERIENCE System Administrator - Linux, Windows § Maintained 15 Windows 2000/2003, 2 MS Exchange 5.5/2000 and domain architecture • Operated multi-node application level failover cluster (MS Windows Server and MS SQL Server) • Developed custom VBS and CMD scripts for unattended tape backup operations • Harvested Windows domain information (ADSI) in database - about users, groups and rights § Consolidated Windows virtual production and testing environments with VMware and Virtual PC § Managed Linux CentOS 4 (Red Hat EL) with VMware environment for database and application platform •Maintained setup, configurations and tuning for Oracle related installations •Coordinated backup and administrative scripting for disaster recovery and tuning § Administered Linux systems (Red Hat 7.2) – monitoring, cron tasks, bash scripting and C/CGI § Organized and maintained Linux clusters for virtual machines – Xen, VMware, Ubuntu, Red Hat (CentOS) § Established distributed software/modeling collaboration environment for open source development § Supported and troubleshooted remote Internet/Windows/Network for ISP, Consulted networks, Unix (BSDi) § Experienced in Windows NT/2003, CentOS 4 (Red Hat), Ubuntu Linux, Solaris 10 and AIX, Oracle 9/10, MS SQL Server 7/2000/2005, Sybase ASE 11.0.3, PostgreSQL, Exchange, VMware, Virtual PC/Server Database Administrator (DBA) - Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase § Administered 12 Oracle 9/10 instances for software development and testing •Designed security architecture for fine grain and database audit, metadata triggers and table history •Managed and tuned database storage, database access and indexing for performance tweaking •Patching, auto-generation of metadata templates (scheme mapping), automated backup •Monitored database log and trace files for exception trace mining and connection troubleshooting § Managed 10 MS SQL Server databases as setup, upgrades, optimizations, backups, etc. •Devised materialized views and stored procedures for performance tuning of asp front applications •Developed extended procedures for file modifications and T-SQL wrappers of shell programs •Prevented SQL injection, auditing, schema validation, row level permissions, portable authentication § Supported VOIP billing Sybase platform databases for VoiceMaster VOIP billing software •Designed flexible template forms with database generated elements for survey system •Customized logging of deadlocks/locks, system monitoring, full security audit, access and statements System and Security Architect §Audited security for remote exploit vulnerabilities, database infrastructure, application code hardening, injection protecting and operation system configuration and tuning. §Audited IT security environment for Consulate General of Bulgaria Toronto, Canada •Researched remote vulnerabilities of operating system, services and applications (code and forms)

Svilen Valkov


23 HillBank Tr., Brampton ON, L6S 1P6 ● 905-791-8239 ● svilen.valkov@gmail.com ● www.linkedin.com/in/svilenvalkov

•Analyzed and advised security measures and administration practices § Designed system architecture for Independent Artist Label •Negotiated business requirements for definition of system architecture and business logic •Supervised software development of databases and visual implementation Leadership, Communications & Customer Relations § Designed, planed and assessed business requirements for programming tasks assignments § Leaded database development in a team of system architect, database developer and 4 Java/Jsf developers § Cooperative database support of Risk Framework with 2 DBAs, 2 system architects and VB6, .NET developers. § Negotiated requirements with BAWAG P.S.K. one of the largest European financial networks for Central Data Warehouse (VLDB, DSS, OLAP) system with 7-10 million customers in 7 countries, 2 to 5 thousand concurrent users and average of 2 billion rows of financial data loaded for less than 15 minutes. § Supervised main Bank Data Warehouse for the 20th largest in the world bank groups(www.socgen.com). § Coordinated a database team of 3 DBAs, 5 system administrators and 20 VB6, .NET, Delphi developers § Centralized more than 5 million transactions per day and business data for millions of dollar of turnover operations from more than 200 thousand customers in more than 20 branches and one hundred locations. § Validated purchases of equipment for more than 200 hundred thousand dollars. § Coordinated VoIP Sybase databases with database architect, database developer and C/C++ programmers. WORK HISTORY System and Security Architect, Self-employed (Canada) (August 2008 – Present) Senior Database Architect, EuroRisk Systems(Bulgaria/Austria) (February 2006 – April 2008) Senior Database Programmer, SysMaster (Bulgaria/USA) (August 2005 – November 2005) Senior DBA(2002), Société Générale Expressbank (Bulgaria/France) (November 2001 - August 2005) Database Designer, Self-employed (Bulgaria) (December 2000 - November 2001) Technical Support, ISP-Digital Systems (Bulgaria) (August 2000 – October 2000) More work experience details available upon request EDUCATION § University of Economics, City of Varna - Bulgaria / Ikonomièeski Universitet (Varna, Bulgaria) (University of Toronto Comparative Education Results Expected October 2008) • Master's degree, Computer Science 2004-2006 • Associate degree, Computer Science 2000-2002 • Bachelor's degree, International Business 1997-2001 CERTIFICATES & TRAINING § Brain Bench IT exams, tinyurl.com/brainb 2006-2008 § Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP ID: 1920999), tinyurl.com/mcptra (661535 / WelcomeHOME) • Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) 2000-2003 • Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) 2000-2001 More education, certification and training details available upon request PUBLICATIONS CompSysTech'08. Bulgaria – Article “Innovative Concept of Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System”, ecet.ecs.ru.acad.bg/cst08/docs/cp/SII/II.6.pdf June 2008 AWARDS Free Ideas. Sirma, Salesforge.com. Bulgaria - 1 prize “SugarCRM module for repository access” June 2007 REFERENCES Available upon request

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