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To Whom It My Concern,

Mr. Bünyamin Akgürbüz has been a student of mine at Electrical Engineering department. I
have had an occasion to observe Mr. Akgürbüz 's studies at close hand. He attended my
classes of '' Electronics " and '' Electronic Circuits '' in 1991-1992 for two terms. He was
one of the best among his classmates and he was in the first 3% my classes.

Mr.Akgürbüz has acquired a very strong background in power systems. He has very motivated,
hardworking and intelligent person. He has emotionally stable and has a very pleasant
personality. He is good at working not only individually but also with a group. He is full of
initiative and ready to assume any given responsibility. He is capable of doing advanced
research and is indeed very keen to finish a given job in the earliest possible time. He obtained
B.Sc degree with honors. He is also a recipient of a scholarship award for the graduate study in
U.S.A from Ministry of Education, Ankara.

Mr. Akgürbüz greatly desires to go to U.S.A to carry out his M.S and Ph.D. study there. His
aim is to increase his experience and knowledge and also keep in contact with the most up-to-
date scientific developments and technology.

For this reason I am writing this letter of recommendation, and trust that Mr. Akgürbüz is ready
for a fruitful and successful period of time M.S and Ph.D. study. In this respect, I strongly
recommend him for graduate studies in your institute, without any reservations at all.

Yours Faithfully,

Prof. Dr. ...................


To Whom It My Concern,

This is a brief letter of recommendation for Mr.Bünyamin Akgürbüz whom I have known for
almost four years during his undergraduate studies in our department.

In his undergraduate study he has mainly focused his study on power systems. He has taken
my course named "Power Transmission 2". He demonstrated his ability for quick learning,
capacity for analytical thinking and originality in problem solving. He has impressed me as a
industrious, dependable, serious and hard working student.

Socially he has modest, mature, and pleasant personality. He is good at communication skills.
He managed to win the government scholarship exam for continuing his education and showed
how skilled he was. I ,therefore, support his application for your program.

I sincerely recommend him for your university to be considered in the graduate study which
leads him to the advanced degree. I strongly believe that he will produce excellent work in the
field he chooses.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr. ...............

Head of Dept.of Elect. Eng. .


To whom it may concern;

With reference to Mr. Vedad Kılıç

I have known Mr. Vedad Kılıç for two years as a student of mine at Yıldız Technical University. I
have a very high opinion of his abilities and found him to be a very diligent student. e has a
pleasant manner and easy to work with.

I have no hesitation in supporting his application for a scholarship to study English in the United

Yours faithfully

Prof. Dr.


To Whom It My Concern,

Mr. Vedad Kılıç was a student of mine at Yıldız Technical University for two years. He attended
three courses called Automatic Control Technology, Process Control 1 and 2 which is being
lectured by me. He is a well disciplined and hardworking student. I believe that He will be
successful at studying in England. I fully support his application for a grant to study in

Yours faithfully

Prof. Dr. ............


To Whom It My Concern,

Mr. Coşkun TAŞOLUK was my student in the course of “Logic Control” during his B.Sc. studies
in The Department of Electrical Engineering.

During this term of study, Mr. TAŞOLUK was a hard-working, intelligent and diligent student. He
always ranked in the top 5% his class. He has a nice personality and gets along very well with
his class mates. I have recognized him as an honest and respectful person.

I would, therefore, fully recommend him for graduate programs in your institutions.

I am sure that Mr. TAŞOLUK will be very successful.

Sincerely yours,