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Waveguide Handbook

Waveguide Handbook


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by Marcuwitz
by Marcuwitz

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Published by: api-3698488 on Oct 14, 2008
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Previous volumes in fhis series

Volume 1 Geometrical theory of diffraction for electromagnetic waves Graeme L. James structures Volume 2 Electromagnetic waves and C U N ~ ~ Leonard Lewin, David C. Chang and Edward F. Kuester Volume 3 Microwave homodyne systems Ray J. King Volume 4 Radio direction-finding P. J. D. Gething Volume 5 ELF communications antennas Michael L. Burrows Volume 6 Waveguide tapers, transitions and couplers F. Sporleder and H. G. Unger Volume 7 Reflector antenna analysis and design P. J. Wood Volume 8 Effects of the troposphere on radio communications Martin P. M. Hall Volume 9 Schumann resonances in the earth-ionosphere cavity P. V. Bliokh, A. P Nikolaenko and Y. F. Filippov . Volume 10 Aperture antennas and diffraction theory E. V Jull . Volume 11 Adaptive array principles J. E. Hudson Volume 12 Microstrip antenna theory and design J. R. James, P. S. Hall and C. Wood Volume 13 Energy in electromagnetism H. G. Booker Volume 14 Leaky feeders and subsurface radio communications P. Delogne Volume 15 The handbook of antenna design volume 1 Editors: A. W Rudge. K. Milne, A. D. Olver, P. Knight . Volume 16 The handbook of antenna design volume 2 Editors: A. W Rudge, K. Milne, A. D. Olver, I? Knight . Volume 17 Surveillance radar performance prediction P. Rohan Volume 18 Corrugated horns for microwave antennas P. J. B. Clarricoats and A. D. Olver Volume 19 Microwave antenna theory and design S. Silver Volume 20 Advances in radar techniques J. Clarke



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