Reading Schedule (due before class): Week 1: Introduction- New Kings Week 2: Service Learning: A Balanced Approach to Experiential

Education- PDF on Blackboard Week 3: Crazy Things Seem Normal, Normal Things Seem Crazy- New Kings Six-Word Memoirs-Online Video Tales of the Tyrant- New Kings The Typewriter King- Online Week 4: California or Bust- Online The Hostess Diary: My Year at a Hotspot- New Kings My Republican Journey- New Kings Week 5: The American Male, Age 10- New Kings Apology-PDF on Blackboard Host-New Kings Week 6: Jonathan Lebdâ s Extracurricular Activities- New Kings Not So Fast-Online Power Steer- New Kings Week 7: How To Read a Poem (And Fall in Love With Poetry)-Online Poetry Off the Shelf (Podcast): Dan Beachy-Quick and the Poetics of Mass Murder Poetry Off the Shelf: Lines for Hard Times Poetry Off the Shelf: Whatâ s So Funny About Sex and Death? Week 8: Essential American Poets (Podcast): Adrienne Rich Essential American Poets: Denise Levertov Essential American Poets: Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Everywhere (Video): Sharksâ Teeth by Kay Ryan Poetry Lectures (Audio): Gwendolyn Brooks Week 9: N/A Week 10: N/A

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