Matthew J.

Arts, Marketing Manager Portfolio Example The Great Ideas Conference 2007 ASAE & The Center’s Great Ideas Conference is a premier education and networking event for senior managers and above in the association community. The concept of the conference is to create an intimate setting where ideas can flourish and be shared among attendees. A garden design was created to compliment the theme of ‘fresh ideas’ and the conference location in Marco Island, Florida. Using a combination of brand art and fruits and vegetables, the marketing materials took on an ‘oldfashioned’ tone that was used throughout the campaign. The Save the Date postcard mimics a gardening seed packet, and the marketing brochure used muted earth-tones and other accents to create a warm, inviting experience. Attendance for the 2007 conference reached and all-time high, and the marketing brochure received the Silver Award for Conference Brochure from the Society of National Association Printers (SNAP). The following examples are of the marketing postcard and brochure, including internal page treatments.

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