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Checklist Are default values of all the output ports removed? Does all the components in a mapping should have comments? Are all Ports used and connected ? Does the name of all transformations viz Source Qualifier (sq_), Filter (fil_), Router (rtr_), Lookup (lkp_/ulkp_), Expression (exp_), Rank (rnk_), Stored Procedure (sp_), Sequence generator (seq_), Update strategy (upd_), External procedure (ext_), Union (un_), Advanced external procedure (aep_), Normalizer (nrm_), Aggregator (agg_). Joiner (jnr_) follow the correct naming conventions as given in standards document ? Is the the Tracing level value set to 'Terse' in all transformations across the mapping ? Have all the 'Error (Transformation error)' messages been removed from default value in the Expression transformation ? Does the Mapping contain any unused Target definitions ? Does the Mapping contain any unused Source definitions ? Is the Connection Information of lookup either $SOURCE or $TARGET ? Is Override Tracing set to 'TERSE' in the Session properties of Error handling? Is 'Enable High Precision' disabled in the Session properties of in Performance? Do the Targets in the Mapping have no Joins (i.e. Primary key- Foreign Key relationship) ? Is the 'Constraint based load ordering' Property of the session selected ? Is the Stop on error property greater than 0 ? Does the Session log file directory, Cache directory, File name, database connection, reject file directory, target connection string start with a $ ? Are the port names as per Standards? Does all mapping variables have logical name? Is the Data type of ports in source qualifier and source matching? Does the sequence of fields in the sql query of a source qualifier in the same order as that of the order of the ports in it ? and is the where clause of the query valid and is the query efficient ?. If filter transformation is used ,is the filter expression coded properly in the following format:IIF(condition,True,False) ? Is the lookup transformation not having fields, which are neither checked as out port nor used as lookup only port ? If a Look up port returns NULL value,Is NULL HANDLING done in the next Transformation that makes use of the returned port? Has the index and data cache size been calculated and checked for lookup and aggregator transformations in the mapping ? Does the mapping contain no implicit type conversions ? Incase of multiple variable ports being used, is the sequence of the variable ports in the correct order? Is the default value assigned to string ports not = ' ',and is ''(no space) ? Is a string port trimmed ( both LTRIM and RTRIM) while comparing ?

Is [1] 'Fail Parent If Session fails' enabled [2] 'Fail parent if this task does not run' disabled [3] 'Disable this task' disabled in all Sessions and Command Tasks? Are there any unused parameters ?

INSTRUCTIONS: Insert [i] 'o' for a successful check [ii] 'x' for a failure in check Developer:


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